Pupper West Side: Smoky Loves Andy’s Deli and Long Walks in Riverside Park

Name: Smoky

Age: 14 years old

Breed: German Shepherd/Chow mix

Profile/history: Dad rescued me while he was driving through the Great Smoky Mountains. I had been abandoned and it was lucky I hadn’t been hit by a car at that point. I was 6 months old and wearing a choke collar that had grown into my neck. I wasn’t feeling well at all, but Dad scooped me up, took me to a vet, had the collar removed and my infection treated, and then he took me home. Afterward, I slept for about a week straight and woke up to a whole new life. It’s been such a change from my early months to my current life on the Upper West Side. I take lots of long walks, have so many local friends, and feel truly loved.

Daily routine: Each morning we’ll walk in Riverside Park, with a quick stop by Starbucks afterward. My dog walker stops by in the afternoon, and then around 6:00 p.m. Dad and I head out together again. We like to stop by the dog park around 80th and Central Park West. Most days, we log about 6 miles together. Occasionally we’ll run into my best friend, Hudson, who I love. Hey, buddy! On the weekends, we might go hiking. This summer we spent some time exploring around the Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park which was a lovely city escape.

Loves: I love people and dogs, but I have to give a special mention to the hardworking and kind gentlemen at Andy’s Deli on 80th and Columbus. What a neighborhood gem.

Does not love: Phew, summer in the city. With my thick coat, some days it’s just too muggy for me. I’m more of a fall foliage pupper myself. Loving this weather we’ve been having!

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Andy’s Deli.

Favorite treat: Salmon. Gotta get those omega-3’s!

Favorite park spot: Central Park – I love rolling in the grass near the Pinetum.

As a Pupper West Sider, what are the top neighborhood spots you would recommend to visitors? Well, a visit to Riverside Park ranks high on my list. It’s amazing how much it continues to be a hidden sanctuary within such a busy city. For that, Dad and I are very grateful, but we are also happy to share it’s beauty and tranquility with others. I also love Orwasher’s at W 81st and Amsterdam. They sell bake wonderful baguettes which I like to take home on the evenings I’m feeling a bit French and pair with some cheese and a glass of wine. Last but not least, I’d also recommend meals at Fred’s – an Upper West Side institution – and Bellini at 83rd and Columbus for a scrumptious bowl of pasta!

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    1. Darwin says:

      What a cutie!

    2. kaylord says:

      Love you, Smoky.

    3. MB/UWSer says:

      Gosh Smoky,

      I love looking into your soulful eyes!!

      I hope to see you some day soon in the park! You are so cute. I totally get you on the summer, I’m a fall foliage two-legged being myself.

    4. Tim says:

      I hope these articles are jokingly mentioning that the dogs’ favorite food as being human food from various local restaurants. Dogs have different digestive systems than people and some foods can kill them or cause horrible indigestion. Just because a dog enjoys eating something doesn’t make it ok or safe for that matter. Restaurant food is for humans, not animals people.

    5. LL says:

      This absolutely made me grin like whoa. Such a yummy face and I am with you on Riverside Oark

    6. Beth says:

      What a sweetie you are, Smoky! Love your smiling face. Your dad sounds like a great guy; glad he scooped you up 14 years ago.