Pupper West Side: Mr. Pancakes Loves A Classic Dollar Slice

Name: Mr. Pancakes or just Pancakes. I’m not stuffy.

Age: 2.5 years old

Breed: Giant Malamute/Shiloh Shepherd mix

Profile/history: My parents were living in Florida and they found me when I was about 4 months old. Back then, Mom could still pick me up and cuddle me, but she stopped being able to do so around the 6-month mark. Now I weigh about 105 pounds. Urff. 

Daily routine: Most mornings it’s a brisk 30-minute run, followed by some play time in Central Park or Riverside Park. My parents work pretty standard 9-to-5 jobs, so that means all of our late nights and weekends together are spent taking long walks or snacking on popcorn while watching a movie or show. I cannot wait for The Crown to come back on Netflix in November. I just love watching those royal Corgis run around like a bunch of bread loaves with their little stump legs. Tee hee!

Loves: I like exploring the city on foot with my parents and I always seem to get lots of attention in Times Square. I’ve met people from all walks of life – famous and heroic New Yorkers who make our city so great. Not to mention all the fascinating and mysterious “neigh doggos” around town. But undoubtedly, my greatest love is….pizza. I love pizza!! Ok, don’t judge me, but I’ll pick up a dollar slice at any ol’ place. *Nom, nom, snarff, snarff.*

Does not love: Uh, Mom tried to put me on a raw diet once and that was not. my. bag.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I always enjoy stopping in at Unleashed by Petco on Columbus and W 67th.

Favorite park spot: Tough call. I love the entrance to Central Park at West 69th and Central Park West, especially in the wintertime, but I also tend to meet lots of my fellow Pupper West Siders in Riverside Park around 72nd Street. Both are very special places for me.

Favorite treat: On snow days, Mom always makes me a special treat: my namesake breakfast.

Since you’re such a pizza enthusiast, tell us about your favorite pizza spots on the Upper West Side. Ooof! It would be too difficult for me to name a favorite, seeing as there are so many fantastic pizzerias in the neighborhood. How lucky are we to have that “problem”?! I’ll give a special mention to Marinara, Made in New York Pizza, and Mama’s Too, among many others. For me, though, I most appreciate a classic and well-prepared dollar slice. Quality bread, nice crust, flavorful sauce, and delicious cheese. Now that’s good livin’!

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    1. Dog Grandma says:

      Mr. Pancakes is one outstandingly beautiful pup That face!!

    2. Sarah says:

      What a magnificent fellow you are, Mr. Pancakes!

    3. Stuart says:

      Dear Mr. Pancakes,

      Where can you buy two slices and a drink for $2.75 as shown in the link “I love pizza” in the “Loves” paragraph?