Openings & Closings: PopStart, Pet Health Store, Manhattan Avenue Community Cafe, TD Bank

PopStart, a “retail incubator”, is opening in the Turnstyle underground mall adjacent to the Columbus Circle subway station. PopStart will feature up to five start-up retail entrepreneurs on a revolving basis, with the occupants expected to change every six to eight weeks.

“The first brands being introduced at PopStart include Freshly Cut Boutique, an e-commerce line of affordably chic clothing and jewelry, curated by Emily Englehart; Simply Chickie, featuring gender-neutral children’s clothing made from organic cotton; and Mad Batter Brownies, delectable confectionaries that may be custom-designed for special occasions. In addition, two jewelry-focused collections are making their PopStart debuts, comprising Gabriela Ceballos and All of The Things NYC (AOTT).”

The Pet Health Store at 473 Amsterdam between 82nd and 83rd is empty, with a For Rent sign on the door. “The last time I was in there (maybe two weeks ago), the shelves were kind of bare and the clerk said she wasn’t sure if they were closing or moving,” wrote Kat. “My dog is crushed,” wrote Kevin. Pet Health was a unique store, with strong customer service (in our opinion) and a willingness to deliver large bags of pet food. They’ll be missed!

Manhattan Avenue Community Cafe, or MACC, is getting set to open at 51 West 106th and Manhattan Avenue. “The cafe will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food will be a melting pot of many cultures,” writes Rob, a friend of the owner. “Wascar is Dominican and plans to bring a real home-like neighborhood feel to the place. He has grown up in the neighborhood since 1984.  He hopes to open by October 15 or so.”

TD Bank will be moving into the old American Apparel location on Broadway between 109th and 110th, Virginia tells us, after speaking with a contractor. “They are downsizing from their current location right next door.”

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    1. Mary says:

      The news about TD Bank moving is interesting. I think it’s just a matter of time before all the buildings on that block give way to another new construction. The CVS at the corner of 110th opened relatively recently, but doesn’t seem to do a very brisk business, and has surprisingly limited hours for the neighborhood

      • geoff says:

        Further to bank news, there has been none since it was announced in WSR that the ChaseBank on Columbus at 76th will close.

        That building is not going anywhere, but the bank occupies SIX storefronts. There is a story there, somewhere. Not to mention the fact that from where I live, there is a ChaseBank within one or two blocks in three directions.

        • George says:

          I’ve been assuming that it’s an issue of declining foot traffic in that area — I don’t think there’s anywhere else on Columbus that has experienced more storefront vacancies over the past couple years than the corridor between 75th and 79th. Hopefully, ASSET’s presence will help turn things around. Does anyone know if that former Starbucks space at 76th and Columbus has been rented?

          • Ish Kabibble says:


            I do not believe it has been rented yet. Agree about Asset – lots of pressure to get the “old” Columbus Avenue back down in that area. Asset, and 8th Hill will eventually have outdoor tables which (IMHO) will be VERY welcome!

        • Ish Kabibble says:

          I think that is what the issue is – that there is a larger Chase on 72nd and Columbus – only 4 blocks from the smaller Chase that is closing. It’s a bummer because the Manager (Regina) and her staff are all wonderful. The always stocked tray of dog biscuits that my dog makes his daily ‘withdrawal’ from, and the photo’s of the 4 legged customers was a great little touch. I, and my dog will miss them.

      • Tom D. says:

        There was something here on WSR about the CVS’s hours when it first opened suggesting it had something to do with fear of shoplifting.

        But maybe it’s part of a trend. The Duanr Reade at 102nd St and the Gristede’s at 103rd used to be open 24 hours. Now they are not.

    2. L.K. says:

      It’s between 110 and 109, not 109 and 108.

    3. Gena Reisner says:

      The photo with the news of the pet store closing is priceless!

    4. K says:

      PetHealth is a loss if they’re really closing for good. Great ownership and management that really took care of customers and were good neighborhood citizens. I hope they reopen in the UWS.

      • Xavier says:

        Funny – I found them aloof and disinterested. Only after years of buying from them (initially at their 81st Street location) I learned of their frequent shopper’s discount. Even after that, I always had to ask for it, though I normally dealt with the same staff/management. They either had no memory or were playing games. Then they started running out of the items I needed and kept providing fake lead times. Though I wanted to support a local small business, this place singlehandedly drove me to Chewy. Their absence is a non issue for me!!

    5. Craig S says:

      TD Bank actually was on the lease for both their corner location and the former American apparel store for the past 15 years. American Apparel was a sub tenant. Yes the banking industry has changed and there is no reason for them to pay for large expensive corners.

    6. George says:

      Did Olma close? Or renovating? This morning I saw it papered up with a note on the door, but didn’t get a chance to swing over to read it.