Pupper West Side: Theo Shares Recommendations for Summertime Pastas

Name: Theodore, but Theo for short!

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Maltese

Profile/history: Mom grew up with dogs, but she never had one of her own. I’m the first pup that she has owned as an adult. Together we’ve successfully navigated “adulting” – paying bills, doing taxes, making dentist appointments – the works!

Daily routine: I’m an enthusiastic sleeper, so I’ll usually hit the snooze button a few times while Mom gets ready for work. Then we head to Camp Canine by 8:30 a.m. and I’ll hang out there with my friends until Mom picks me up in the evening. I spend a lot of time with other pups, but my great love is people. Mom and I volunteer on the weekends with The Good Dog Foundation. Together we’ll pay a visit to the residents of Atria 86, an independent and assisted living apartment building for seniors. I like to sit on their laps and provide comfort, and in return receive pets and attention. On the weekends, we’ll always spend additional time in Central Park and on Sundays, we make sure to visit both the 79th Street Greenmarket and Book Culture on Columbus. I think both offer a sense of community and neighborhood interaction that is so characteristic of the Upper West Side.

Loves: Pasta! I love pasta – all kinds. A meaty bolognese hits the spot on a cold day. You can never go wrong with cacio e pepe, and I would strongly recommend picking up a high quality Grana Padano and Pecorino cheese from a neighborhood spot like Salumeria Rosi on Amsterdam and W 73rd. For those looking for something vegetarian, Martha Stewart has an excellent recipe for one pan pasta. I recommend adding extra tomatoes and basil. It’s the perfect summertime pasta with the least amount of mess or stress. Buon appetito!

Does not love: Large canines. Ugh! Always sneaking up on me. Hrrmph.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I have a few favorites including Paper Source and Corks on Columbus. The friendly staff at Corks on Columbus are always generous with dog treats while I help Mom pick out an earthy red or crisp white to pair with our pasta.

Favorite treat: Aside from extravagant, piping-hot pastas? I guess I’d have to go with chicken.

Favorite park spot: I love the entrance to Central Park on W 77th Street. As you enter the park, there are some rocks ahead where turtles and ducks gather. I find it a very calming spot to sit and watch them, and contemplate the complexities of the universe.

What are your favorite places to spend time in the neighborhood? Well, I’m a thoughtful pupper who enjoys intellectual stimulation, so my first pick would be Book Culture on Columbus. They’re very kind to canine shoppers and the store has so much cross appeal for both adults and children. I think it’s an important neighborhood hub and provides a calm, well-organized, and friendly environment for Upper West Siders and their loyal companions. Mom and I also enjoy perusing the delicacies at the 79th Street Greenmarket on Sundays. We love picking up crunchy pretzels from Martin’s! Nom, nom! The Greenmarket is such a classic Upper West Side scene. There’s lots of friendliness and interaction that you wouldn’t otherwise get during your daily routine, and we love to know that we’re supporting local businesses and farmers.

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    1. Tania Isenstein says:

      Theo is THE BEST!

    2. cara says:

      god i love that Theo. so cultured. and such a man about town!

    3. Sarah says:

      Theo is such a cultivated pup!

    4. michael says:

      I think you should have a pupper west side reunion. Then all the dogs that have been featured could get together and do something for the community – like visit a shelter. We would make sure Bailey was signed up 🙂

    5. Tammy says:

      Theodorable!!! Such a sweet little sophisticate.

    6. Karen segvich says:

      Is this dog available for adoption?