Openings & Closings: Gabriel’s, New Amsterdam Burger Bar, Spruce & Bond, Starbucks

Gabriel’s Bar & Restaurant just closed on Sunday after 29 years at 11 West 60th Street, because the building is being demolished. The restaurant is moving to 40 Central Park South, between 5th and 6th. This is the same building that houses Starbucks, which also recently closed. “Gabriel’s has been there for 29 years, and the owners say they’ve served over 2.5 million meals there,” writes Meredith Kurz, who sent the photo above.

Jacadi Paris, a kids’ clothing store that was in the same building on 60th, moved to 442 Columbus at 81st Street, Meredith notes.

New Amsterdam Burger Bar has soft-opened at 680 Columbus Avenue (93rd Street), the former home of Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table. New Amsterdam is the new home of the former Amsterdam Burger Co., which was at Amsterdam and 92nd. It’s a meaty menu, featuring sausage, knockwurst, veal breast sandwiches and more, according to Yeah That’s Kosher. The full menu isn’t up online yet. Thanks to Victor for the photo.

Spruce & Bond, which does hair removal and skin care, has closed its location at 150 Amsterdam Avenue between 66th and 67th.

Starbucks closed its doors on Broadway and 99th last Wednesday afternoon, and locals apparently rooted through its trash for keepsakes, writes Melinda, who sent the photo above. That Starbucks was “perfect in location and vibe,” she wrote.

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    1. Dee says:

      I was wondering why Starbucks and pure barre at columbus circle had closed/are planning to move! Thanks for providing more information with the closing of Gabriels. I wonder what they are going to put up in that buildings place…

      • Jan says:

        And, if affordable apartments is your first guess,
        it’s wrong. Guess again.

      • Kris says:

        I hope not some terrible, thin, ridiculously tall, glass-walled tower. We’re getting so many of these now!

        • Ed says:

          You need to take it down a notch. All riled up about some terrible, thin, ridiculously high, bla bla blah.
          The era of tall cement buildings ended in the 40’s. NYC is all about glass towers as one may notice. And they’re wonderful to live in.
          Don’t be so miserable. Or consider a small town.

      • Meredith Kurz says:

        I heard from a current commercial tenant that a hotel is going up on that corner. I’m digging further into it to make sure that’s correct. The temporary Bike Rental place I assume will be gone as well – and that’s a relief because that caused a lot of pedestrian blockage.

    2. LuluT says:

      Im sad about Gabriels. New location wont be the same. But I’ll try it!( They had wonderful pastas)

    3. wombatNYC says:

      I know I’m a relative newbie to the UWS ( 12 years) but I never even heard of Gabriel’s on West 60th Street.

      • Sean says:

        That’s because it’s at Columbus Circle.

      • Mary says:

        I’ve been here 23 years and was going to say the same thing!

      • LKLA says:

        That is why you are a newbie!

        Gabriel’s was one of the top 5 places to eat on the UWS for many years. It lost its mojo about 10 years ago. It also raised its prices significantly making it where you would likely not save more than $15-20 per person vs going to have dinner at Boulud Sud.

    4. AAH says:

      Starbucks: Overpriced coffee, loud music, indignant help…. Not sad at all.

      • Taylor says:

        As far as I know you were not forced to go there.

      • Tim says:

        Exactly AAH, I don’t go there anymore for those reasons also. Plenty of other great coffee shops around, that aren’t practicing the “get woke” business strategy also. Not shocking store after store is closing.

    5. Maude says:

      40 Central Park South is also the address for Sarabeth’s. Will Gabriel’s share the same address?