Photo of the Day: Raccoons Take A Family Stroll Along Riverside Drive

Who doesn’t love a stroll along Riverside Drive on a Friday night? This raccoon family traipsed along the barrier wall between Riverside Park and the sidewalk on Friday around 8:05 p.m., catching the eye of Upper West Sider Samantha Moshen. Thanks Samantha!

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    1. MB/UWSer says:

      I love me a great summer-time family pic! 😉

    2. Joan says:

      Where on Riverside? We had an adult in our lobby at 104&RSD a few weeks back!

    3. Carol Robbins says:

      I think I saw them later that evening – in front of the women’s health monument at 116th St. in the lamplight. At first I thought they were XL NYC rats!

    4. Lisa says:

      So cute!

    5. Weird That Way says:

      I’m fond of the little thieves!

    6. kate says:

      Cute but see and don’t touch!

    7. ST says:

      So many died in Central Park (more than 250) that I am happy to see these critters.