Openings & Closings: Babeth’s Feast, Gyu-Kaku, Cafe Metro, Master Tailor

Babeth’s Feast, which sells gourmet flash-frozen foods, closed its location at 309 Amsterdam between 74th and 75th. It had opened in January 2017. The company t0ld us that it is consolidating operations at its flagship location at 1321 Third Ave between 75th and 76th. “We are still offering free local delivery to the UWS. Orders can be placed at or by calling 877-968-3327.” Thanks to Joeanna for the photos.

Japanese barbeque chain Gyu-Kaku appears to be getting closer to opening on Amsterdam between 90th and 91st Street, the former home of Key Foods and Saigon Grill. Gyu-Kaku restaurants tend to have an a la carte style menu, with lots of shared plates. We last wrote about it here. Thanks to David, Janis, Sue and Mike for the tips.

Cafe Metro is opening at 2062 Broadway on the corner of West 71st Street, the former home of Tasty Cafe. It will be for 2,150 square feet, with 1,150 square feet on the ground floor and 1,000 square feet on the lower level, according to the Commercial Observer. We had first reported on the expected opening earlier this year.

We learned a little more about the newly opened Master Tailor at 77 West 85th Street from the company. “We proudly offer high-end couture/bespoke alteration and tailoring services. Master Tailor is a family owned and operated establishment with experience in the fashion/garment business for the past three generations. We take your garment alterations from average to couture. Our expertise can fulfill all necessities including fur and leather.”

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    1. Jen says:

      We love Giu-Kaku. Happy it is opening closer to home.

    2. Fred DuBose says:

      I haven’t seen anything in WSR about the opening of 8th Hill, the Mediterranean restaurant that opened last week in the space formerly occupied by Isabella’s (northeast corner of Columbus and 77th). Just checked their menu… and all I’ve gotta say is it’s way to rich for my blood!

    3. egf says:

      Babeth’s Feast is a good concept but I found the food to be incredibly under-seasoned and amazingly over-priced. Surprised this location lasted as long as it did.

      • Lisa S. Be says:

        Funny, but I found their food so over salted as to be inedible. I guess tastes differ.

      • B.B. says:

        Some people say same thing about Citarella, and or other Manhattan high end/gourmet food places.

        Personally even if true don’t see the problem. It is a rather simple thing to add more seasonings to taste, this as opposed to consuming something so heavy with same to point of being inedible.

        Meals, roasted meats and so forth from places like DAG, Gristedes, and Morton Williams are often so laden with salt that hours later you’re still drinking huge amounts of water.

    4. Juan says:

      Will Gyu-Kaku have the cook your own option like the midtown one? I have been there several times and it is a fun place for a small group. It isn’t cheap but not outrageously expensive either. It will be a good addition to the neighborhood.

    5. Bronx Boy says:

      I like Babeths’s, didn’t think the food was underseasoned (easy enough to correct) but it was expensive.

      Their concept is that what they offer is comparable to restaurant food. I don’t think that’s far wrong, but it means you’re making a big financial commitment for things that are meant to live in the freezer until you need them.

    6. Erica says:

      Ugh bummer about Babeth’s, but good to know they are staying on the UES. Finally found a yummy cauliflower pizza! And their prices for one or two are not expensive at all. I found it to be less than seamless or a good restaurant.

    7. Sue says:

      Can Candle Bar come home now?

    8. uwsguy says:

      Re: Candle Bar – That would be amazing!

    9. Sarah Marden says:

      Master Tailor is a revelation! So happy with their work and they couldn’t be more pleasant. Highly recommend

    10. Sean says:

      Here’s an idea for a restaurant on the UWS that would work. Call it the Soapbox Cafe. They can serve retro food at popular prices and offer an open mic night where anyone can get up and complain about anything. Give all local civic leaders a deep discount so that they will eat there. And most of all have a buffet in the early evening. Decorate the place with black and white historical photos from the AP and UPI. Free NYT at every brunch table.