Cheech, Chong and 4 Other Goats Sent Home in First Round of Layoffs

Cheech and Chong.

The herd is thinning.

Six goats from the 24-goat herd that’s been chomping weeds in Riverside Park since May 21st have been sent back to Rhinebeck, according to the New York Post. They include Cheech and Chong, who were rumored to be spending a little too much time smoking the grass instead of eating it (Bah-dum-bum-bum).

We reported last month on the plan to reduce the number of goats as they chomped through the weeds on a hill between 119th and 125th Street. So how did they decide exactly who went home and who got to stay?

“We stood at the top of the hill and the goat farmers did their little goat call and they came running and it was whoever we could catch,” Donna Capossela of the Riverside Park Conservancy said, describing how they chose who would get the ax.

Brothers Max and Ben were fired on Friday, along with Cheech, Chong, Reese and Charlie. Fortunately, the goats have a good unemployment plan — they will live happily at their home in Rhinebeck.

We also hear that one goat will make an appearance at Tuesday night’s Riverside Park Conservancy Gala, where it can cost as much as $75,000 to sponsor a table. These goats are classy, lemme tell ya.

You can see the goats by entering the park at 120th and Riverside Drive. And you can vote for your favorite. Below see which goat is which number.

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    1. Toni Nash says:

      Can anyone tell us where the shelters for the goats are? We walked all around and couldn’t see anything that looked like a shelter. Are they near the tennis courts? Thanks.

      • Gretchen says:

        The shelters are visible down by the tennis courts at the bottom of the big hill. Just walk about mid-point along the courts and look through the chain-link fences. They are light brown and look like tents.

      • Toni Nash says:

        Thanks Gretchen

    2. ileen says:

      Why not expand their area to eat weeds and mow the grass and keep them all?

    3. whyKeepOurJobsHere says:

      Great cost saving idea: We could show a reduction in local payroll if we offshored the work to a place where there are more weeds and goat services are cheaper.

    4. Deborah Hautzig says:

      Smoking the grass? I don’t get it…but am curious!

    5. sally says:

      The cost of fencing in the goats is really
      expensive. Maybe we could all donate money to set up other goat enclosures!It’s so much fun watching them.