Openings & Closings: The Tang, Big Gay Ice Cream, Patis Bakery, Morton Williams

The Tang is set to open today at 920 Amsterdam Avenue (105th Street), the Times reports. “The new restaurant, with Kim Hui Teo, who was at Tim Ho Wan and RedFarm, in the kitchen, still features dishes like drunk noodles with beef, and scallion oil noodles. Others include marinated short ribs with Sichuan spices, braised pork knuckle with fermented bean curd and baijiu, and Japanese-style grilled eggplant.” Check out the menu here. Thanks to @Above_96th for the photo.

Big Gay Ice Cream is getting set to open at 516 Columbus Ave (85th Street), the former home of Birdbath bakery, according to Doug Kleiman of RIPCO Real Estate, who brokered the lease. Big Gay Ice Cream is all about the fun flavors, including Rocky Roadhouse and Salty Pimp. Renovations are still underway, so the exact opening date is still TBD.

Dunkin Donuts is opening a new location next to Cibo e Vino on Broadway and 89th. “Guessing this means the one on the next block (2424 Broadway) will close,” writes tipster Michelle B.

Patis Bakery is expected to open on June 16 inside the lobby of the Arthouse Hotel (2178 Broadway at 77th Street). The Kosher bakery is a New Jersey company, and it will offer all sorts of treats, from babka to apple turnovers. “What’s very important to note about this Patis Bakery location is that it is only open from 6:30 am – 1 pm, Sunday-Friday. After 1pm the space reverts back to the hotel bar and will not be operated by Patis,” Yeahthatskosher reports.

Broadway 89 Cleaners is officially open at 2420 Broadway near 89th. This was the same cleaner that was previously on W 89th between Broadway and Amsterdam, Michelle B notes.

Morton Williams at One West End Avenue, between 59th and 60th Streets, is now set to open on June 7. Thanks to Steven for the photo.

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    1. Peggy Thomson says:

      You neglect to mention that Broadwsy 89 Cleaners is owned and operated by the wonderful Kim Tailor. Her loyal customers will be overjoyed to know that they can once again take advantage of get expert alteration services. Welcome back!

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Now I can finally try the Salty Pimp!

    3. Abe Goteiner says:

      Thank you for this great newsletter. I grew up on West 99th between Broadway and Amsterdam. My father had a candy store at 2609 Broadway (between 98th and 99th) in the 70s and 80s.
      I’ve been gone from NYC from basically Sept. 1966 but still consider it home and love to keep up with what’s going on in the old neighborhood.
      Again, thanks.

      • NYWoman says:

        Thx for the memory. Maybe you can email in some pix of the old neighborhood to the paper. I bet every kid envied you back in the day!

    4. George says:

      Big Gay Ice Cream will fit in nicely. I’ve been kind of shocked it’s taken this long for an ice cream shop to open between 81 and 86 on Columbus given how consistently packed Van Leeuwen and Amorino are just an avenue over on Amsterdam.

      • Filatura says:

        I miss Birdbath’s pretzel rolls, but that corner, surrounded by schools, is a perfect location for Big Gay. Unicorns FTW.

    5. Albert says:

      Wow! Just what we need: another Dunkin’ and another dry cleaner. Where and when is the next nail salon or opening?

    6. Ll says:

      The woman behibd the counter at the Dunkin donuts on Broadway between 89 and 90th told me a few months ago that they were closing and would reopen just down the street. I am sure they got a good deal as that space has been empty for years

    7. TashaNYC says:

      Tang sounds amazing!

    8. Sara says:

      There’s a Dunkin opening on Amsterdam and 119 or 121…next to what was the Ethiopian restaurant.

    9. carol says:

      One Stop laundromat on 590 Amsterdam (88/89) has closed….a bar may be opening at 588 Amsterdam (Amsterdam Ale House).

      • B.B. says:

        Oh I don’t know….

        This was just posted on Google Reviews:

        ” called the laundromat and was informed that this location was permanently closed. She then changed her mind and says that you can still drop off wash and fold laundry. Not sure what to make of it except that the employee answering the phone was lying and trying to keep people from coming to the laundromat.”

    10. dannyboy says:

      I assume that WSR finds “Salty Pimp” fun.

      Since you’ve deleted any discussion, it’s clear.

      This has now gone beyond elitism and privilege.

      • Reader says:

        What? Can you explain what you mean?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        nobody in their right mind finds the idea of a pimp amusing, if that is what your point is. it’s a silly name that hearkens back to the 70’s, when this was a truly filthy, crime ridden city. Pimps are not glamorized from a local ice cream cone flavor; however, they are exalted in music videos, etc.

      • J says:

        True, sadly the word “pimp” has been normalized over the years.

        Most people are unaware of issues of sex trafficking, enslavement and violence against young women and children etc. The lives that are destroyed.

        If people were aware, they likely wouid not find “pimp” to be a ‘humorous” marketing tool.

        • woodcider says:

          Thank you Westside Rag commenters. You never disappoint.

          • GG says:

            It’s not just WSR comments, it’s who’s making them. This has got Baby Boomer written all over it.

            Just a quick reminder everyone, it’s 2019! Things change…even the meaning and usage of words. Lighten up!

        • Evan Bando says:

          “Pimp” ice cream is just another example of the coarsening of American society. For exmple, the “F” word is used constantly in even the most mundane conversations by so many people. If that’s “2019” then it is no wonder the grotesque behavior of trump has been so easily normalized even by the so-called “woke” crowd. I wonder what “flavor” of ice cream would actually be offensive to the enlightened citizens of “2019?” I’m sure there are some words that would be protested by those individuals. I guess every generation is just another version of the “me” generation.

          • dannyboy says:

            I guess every generation is just another version of the “me” generation.

            Please examine the values of the living generations. I believe that the “Sixties” included some fine values of community and respect.

            • Cato says:

              Excellent comment by Evan Bando, and excellent reply by the inimitable dannyboy. Thank you both.

              And in answer to Mr. Bando’s query, “I wonder what “flavor” of ice cream would actually be offensive to the enlightened citizens of “2019?” I’m sure there are some words that would be protested by those individuals.” —

              I’m sure that any flavor using words like “traditional” or “conservative” would be shot down in flames in an instant. But of course we’ll never know since those words aren’t koooool or cute like “pimp” (or “f..k”) and so would never even be considered.

            • Evan Bando says:

              The “me” generation was coined by Tom Wolfe regarding the 70s and it only escalated from there. The flower children of the 60s blossomed quickly into that which became the 70s. And those same people, in the 80s, decided that “greed is good.” And, yes, as you say, “community” was a big part of the 60s movement but you’re stretching it to include “respect” as a dominant ethos of time. After all, revolution rarely fosters respect.

          • RK says:

            Kids today!
            Get off my lawn!
            No one respects their elders anymore!
            With all this rock and roll music. It’s noise, I say! And disrespectful! That Mick Jagger with those gyrating hips. It’s indecent!
            Where are my eyeglasses?? Did you take them?

      • js says:

        I believe Momufuko Milk Bar got rid of its Crack Pie name deciding that drug addiction was not really a “fun” or ironic reference.

        • B.B. says:

          Yes, but before that event occurred they received tons of free PR. You can’t buy that sort of advertising…..

    11. Kat French says:

      Bakery by day, bar by night is a good use of space! With rents the way they are on the UWS, maybe it’s a wise business model.

    12. Elke says:

      Oh, BTW, I saw yesterday a sign on Columbus between 70th and 71st there will be a Van Leewen opening!

    13. Sean says:

      Nobody’s got no class.

    14. soldier says:

      The “For rent” sign is gone from the former Gristedes on 86th between Broadway & West End. Anyone knows anything about this>

      • Steve says:

        I heard it was going to be Rumble gym about 6 months ago, but not sure if that is still true.

    15. AnnieM says:

      Babeth”s Feast closed it’s Amsterdam Avenue location.