Morning Bulletin: Buildings Go Very Green, Amateur Pollution-Hound Makes Thousands, 12-Year-Old Comedy Champ

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

April 15, 2019 Weather: Sunny with a high of 62 degrees.

Free concerts and many other local events are on our calendar.

It’s Tax Day, don’t forget!

The CEC3 candidate forum to elect new parent leaders is Monday night at 6 at PS 242, 134 West 122nd Street.

Two of the UWS’ most famous buildings, the El Dorado and the Beresford, are installing Battery Energy Storage Systems — innovative systems meant to cut costs on electricity and reduce emissions. “We want to do the right thing in terms of environmental sustainability while driving energy costs down,” said Cathy Klema, the El Dorado’s board president.

An Upper West Sider is protecting the environment and making some money at it. George Pakenham says he’s made thousands of dollars filming people who break the law against leaving your engine idling for more than 3 minutes (or 1 minute in a school zone). “If a ticket is issues to a driver – a fine averaging $350 – the citizen who submitted it gets to collect 25 percent, or on average $88.”

Roderick Colvin was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering his wife Shele Danishefsky in their 68th Street apartment in 2009. “A degenerate husband who prosecutors said was afraid he was about to be cut off from his well-off wife’s money was sentenced to life behind bars Wednesday for strangling her and framing it to look like an accident.”

Upper West Sider Carolyn White won Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy showcase on Sunday at Caroline’s comedy club. She was one of 16 comedians, ages 8 to 18, competing. “Oh my God, really?” she said when told by Pix11 that she won. “I’m so happy. I’ve always loved making people laugh. I’ve always loved making people laugh and wanted to be a comedian. This is really something.” Congratulations Carolyn!

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      “The” El Dorado is redundant. It’s just El Dorado.

    2. Sid says:

      The idling law only applies to commercial vehicles unfortunately. Would love to be able to nip individuals from idling too.

    3. Bill Williams says:

      Why is there a picture of The Langham with this story?

      • Mark P says:

        I think maybe they just forgot to mention it in the story? Perhaps because they weren’t sure if the building is

        The Langham,
        The The Langham

        And whether the truth is what rules say it is, the assumed majority says it is, the publicized minority says it is, the person who made the sign who is surely not the owner and thus could have made a mistake that no one wanted to bother changing, or did want to change but it was too much hassle…

        or whether there is any truth at all, merely opinions, actions and consequences.


    4. DrM says:

      Congrats Carolyn White!!! And to the rest of you – WHAT is WRONG with your lives??? Of all the things going on in the world, the stories reported here, the happenings in your own, your friend’s and family’s lives you feel the need to bask in the protective glow of your computer screen and voice your petty dissatisfaction with the linguistic redundancy of ‘El’ and ‘The’???

      • UWSer says:

        DrM, I respectfully disagree. Grammar and correct usage is important and hardly petty and the two readers seem to me to be having a civilized discussion about it. In my opinion, using a definite article before any building name that does not have the word ‘house’ in it is correct, regardless of whether or not it might be a definite article in another language. Moreover, “El Dorado” is a myth, so unless the UWS building we adore (the lobby is a gem) actually is the legendary city of gold, it needs a ‘the’. I mean, it’s a nice building but it’s not that nice.

    5. Barbara Michalak says:

      I loved this whole exchange. Upper West Side intellectuals having civil disagreements about grammar.It is not trivial to care to do things right. It gave my heart a warm glow on an otherwise difficult day. My neighborhood! My people!