Pizza Delivery Man on Bicycle Helps Catch Robber: Police

Alou Bathily, who works as a deliveryman for Domino’s on 72nd Street near Broadway, was making a delivery at 3 p.m. on a Friday late last month when he saw police chasing a man. Bathily was “inspired to help by action movies he saw as a child,” according to the Daily News:

Bathily, who hails from Mali, said he shouted to the cops as he peddled faster and gave chase. About a block and a half into it, he said he dropped his bike and jumped on the suspect, who was by then in the street.

“I hit the guy and he fell down,” Bathily said. “Then I threw him down and sat on him.”

The 20th precinct described the incident below:

“On the evening of March 29th, Sgt. William Rivera and his Neighborhood Coordination Officers were out hunting for perpetrators wanted for robbing a female victim of her AirPod headphones. The team had almost given-up the hunt one hour after the robbery, when they spotted one of the suspects. The suspect ignored officers’ verbal instructions to stop and began running across West 72nd street toward Broadway.

Here’s the first cool part… A Domino’s Pizza deliveryman on a bicycle saw the pursuit, yelled “I’ll stop him officers!”, peddled ahead of the fleeing perp, and pulled the bicycle across his path, delaying the perp just long enough for Sgt. Rivera and Officers Jack Etter, Delilah Solis, Darnell Jones, and Bridget Fanning to catch up and apprehended the suspect in a safe manner. The victim was driven to the scene by detectives and a show-up was conducted with positive results.

Here’s the second cool part… While the suspect was running he was throwing fake $50 bills out of his pockets. In addition to committing a robbery, he had also used the counterfeit cash at two stores, where he bought small, cheap items with the fake bills to obtain real cash as change from the purchase. The perpetrator, Lovell Ambrister, has seven prior arrests that include robbery and grand larceny. Yeah, he’s in jail now, and we’re told the pizza guy still managed to honor the 30 minute delivery guarantee on the pie.”

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    1. Jack Davis says:

      Bravo, Alou Bathily. You are a real New Yorker!

    2. L&C says:

      This is fantastic, what a wonderful gentleman! I wrote to Domino’s in hopes they do something nice for him. I was thinking about dropping a gift off at the shop for him or is there another something being organized for him as a thank you?

    3. Boomerbabe says:

      These are the immigrants that Make America Great!

    4. Brian Kramer says:

      Great story. “And he still managed to honor the 30 minute delivery guarantee on the pie.” Ha!

    5. Eva says:

      Great story!
      Great idea to leave a gift for Mr.Bathily. Especially as a new immigrant- I hope cash would help!

    6. Janice says:

      Yay Alou Bathily!!! Immigrants are part of what makes America Great!

      I hope Dominos gives him a promotion!! How can we contact Dominos to suggest it?

    7. sam says:

      Why was a guy with 40+ previous arrests out free on the streets able to commit additional crimes?

    8. Scott says:

      Interesting priorities, a crime involving $150 headphones gets 5 cops running their butts off. I went to a precinct to report a $1200 hit and run involving my parked car and they told me to get lost and call my insurance company.

    9. Sherman says:

      Pretty cool. This guy is like Batman.

    10. nyc10023 says:

      Bravo for this guy*

      *unless he’s the Dominos delivery dud who has nearly hit me about 10 times in the past year. The one at night rides his bike anywhere and everywhere (sidewalks, median) at way-too-fast speeds.

    11. James says:

      May God Smile down on you,Alou Bathily.
      You Didn’t think twice

    12. The W. 80th St. Block Association/Billy Amato says:

      A great move and part of Alou Bathily and kudos to him on behalf of The W. 80th St. Block Association. We need more “Alou Bathily’s”!!!!
      I think Sergeant William Rivera and the 20th precinct should give him a big thanks for his help and being a concerned UWS neighborhood Citizen. I would donate the certificate or trophy or whatever!!!
      Let me know Sergeant Rivera…you have my number.

    13. Cato says:

      The Domino’s delivery guy will likely face a civil lawsuit from the gentleman who was only trying to cross the street before being accosted so violently (and certainly without probable cause to believe a felony had been committed).

      If the delivery guy was wearing a Domino’s uniform at the time then the gentleman crossing the street will have it made in the shade since he’ll sue Domino’s too.


    14. Robert Gery says:

      I’d like to know when this fellow is working at the 72nd Street Domino’s location because I like to personally bring him a $20 bill. I’ll be back in New York City on Thursday if anybody knows his working hours so at Positano

    15. AC says:

      I’m not a Domino’s guy. BUT I will go there and buy a pie, as my way to thank this gentleman for making us proud upper West Siders!

      God Bless you Alou!

    16. Big ralph says:

      Bravo he’s like the upper west side super hero I’m proud o people that can do this… a lot of people up here where I live just stand around and watch crime happen when they should be instead helping our neighbors and each other…

    17. Jen says:

      Thank you, Alou!

    18. geoff says:

      An incident in France involving an immigrant who rescued a person from a fall (remember? he’s the on who climbed the façade of a building) was awarded citizenship.

      that’s a model that could be followed in this case, no?

      • UWSMOM says:

        That guy was from Mali as well…are all these guys fearless??? Raised on Die Hard and Spider Man??

    19. Paulie says:

      Sigh. I remember a NYC that had no franchise stores. In the early 70s a attempt to open a McDonalds on Broadway in the upper 90s was fiercely fought against by the neighborhood.
      They knew it would be a junkie hangout as were the medians on Broadway. “Needle parks” they were known as.