Jackson Pollock-Wannabe Vandal Paints Salon G83 Red

Workers scraping away the paint on Friday afternoon

By Joy Bergmann

This wasn’t the kind of color work Gzime Leka had in mind for her Friday. But when she arrived at G83 Salon – a full-service hair, skincare and nail salon at 100 W. 83rd Street – at 9 a.m., there it was:  a bold, Jackson Pollock-style swoosh of dripping red paint across the windows and onto those of Mexikosher restaurant next door.

“It was almost like art,” she told WSR. “Almost.”

Leka says she likes to “think positive” and decided to pull the shop’s usually interior red rug outside, creating a red carpet entrance for clients to enjoy the new artwork.

Red carpet entrance on Friday morning

Visitors had to act fast to catch a glimpse. Leka’s landlord immediately sent workers to scrape away the paint, and much of it had fallen to the sidewalk in plastic-like red shards by 1:30 p.m.

We asked the 20th Precinct if any other businesses had been visited by the paint-wielding vandal. No similar incidents have been reported, according to Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin.

Leka says she’s baffled by the vandalism. “We don’t have any problems, have great reviews. I think maybe some passersby wanted to have fun with paint.”

The paint fell away in shards.

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    1. Priscilla says:

      The salon owner’s upbeat attitude about it is refreshing, especially these days.

    2. Claire says:

      People take graffiti way too seriously, this lady is refreshing in her attitude towards big city life.

    3. DrM says:

      We could all take a lesson from this owner’s “whattayagonnado” approach.

    4. Gerry says:

      G83 salon is next door to 106 83td St a housing transition home for inmates and homeless population. Tenants at this facility are often sitting outside drinking late at night or dealing drugs – even in broad daylight and across the street from the playground of the school across the street. Two days ago a tenant of that building stole a bike parked in Central Park West. The attitudes of many about 106 W 83rd st are also whatyougonnado and this is big city life until your business gets ruined and until you realize what your children are learning in the playground from their neighbors across the street. .

      • Carillo says:

        Thank your liberal lawmakers and borough and city administrators and elected officials. SHAME!

      • Gzime says:

        You are 100% correct. Since I began Salon G83 I’ve been having problems with the halfway house for imitates and homeless population. Ive been trying real hard to clean up this block. It seems impossible to get anyone to stop them from hanging in front of the elementary school and roaming the neighborhood causing trouble. I can’t imagine why they would put criminals in front of an elementary school! It’s been very difficult for me to run my business and deal with this most days!
        My “whattayagonnado” attitude is due to the fact that everyday there is so much drama. When I saw the graffiti I just had to laugh and try and make the best of it!
        I was happy to be on the WSR to let our neighbors know we are here for any hair, nails and waxing services. With hopes that our neighbors can get together and do something about the Halfway House!
        Hoping for all good things! Thanks for sharing.

    5. Courtney says:

      There is similar red paint graffiti that showed up a couple of weeks ago in the SE entrance of the 86th St 1/2/3 station…

    6. Neighbor says:

      Shocking there isn’t more law enforcement for this criminal behavior especially in the vicinity of an elementary school.

    7. Tony luca says:

      I’ve been to salon G83 great hospitality and they cut great hair cuts and do a great job on manicure and pedicure.