Openings & Closings: Tri Dim Shanghai, Two Boots Pizzeria

Tri Dim Shanghai is getting set to open in the former home of Canteen 82 at 467 Columbus Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets. “In addition to Shanghainese dishes, our menu also includes dim sum and Szechuan cuisine,” the website says. “Come by for a cocktail, a business meeting, or bring a date you’re sure to have a great time.” See the menu here. Thanks to Terry and Jonathan for the tips.

Two Boots Pizzeria on 95th and Broadway closed suddenly with a marshal’s notice on the door. A workers at the Lower East Side shop said they are closing “after 9 crazy years” and that they couldn’t renegotiate the UWS lease. But they’re actively looking for a new spot in the neighborhood. Thanks to Paul and Al for the tips.

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    1. Okie says:

      Two other Two boots have been closed because of non-payment of taxes, and the marshal’s notice on the door of the one on Bway suggests that’s the case here, too, blaming it in the landlord is a little deceptive, I think.

    2. Steve in Manhattan says:

      Oh Two Boots? As I’ve often suggested – open in the 70s and deliver … we’d order at least twice a week.

    3. Uwsider says:

      Re Two Boots – just what that block needs… another vacant lot for a decade

    4. wombatNYC says:

      97th thru 93rd street on Broadway ( east and west side ) is a grimy stretch of weirdness

      • Uwsider says:

        Self reinforcing at this point too. What nice small business wants to open in a sea of empty decrepit lots and mall fast food joints.

      • UWSTeacher says:

        Perhaps, but it is OUR stretch of grimy weirdness and I for one love it!

      • sm says:

        97th through 104th on the east side is even grimier and weirder. But frankly, I have developed a soft spot for many of the SRO/homeless folks that gather on those blocks. They have become a fixture in the neighborhood, and they are always really nice to my kids.

      • Irena says:

        With all the crazies from the free housings on the 94 street begging & panhandling, often drunk & high harassing passerbys or people going to & from subway, yeah, you can really calling the area grime & disgusting.

      • GG says:

        Just curious…has the Popyeye’s opened up there yet?? I haven’t been around that neighborhood lately.

        Definitely ready for a chicken run.

      • iz says:

        YEP. 100%. It’s a real bummer.

    5. BillyNYC says:

      Now this is being creative…. that’s all we need is another pizzeria at Chinese restaurant here on the UWS. I have an idea… Why can’t all the Chinese restaurants add pizza to there menu and vice-a-versa for the pizza restaurants… now that’s being creative!

    6. talia says:

      the best pizza on the UWS……and downtown.
      yet another greedy landlord. seems the UWS is going the same as the rest of the city..way downhill.

      • Sherman says:

        This is the best pizza on the UWS?

        I’ve eaten there and I thought it was lousy.

        Mama’s Too about 10 blocks away is light years better and it always has a huge line.

        So what exactly is your evidence that a “greedy landlord” drove Two Boots out of business and deprived you of your beloved pizza?

        Perhaps the landlord was being overly generous and Two Boots still couldn’t make the rent.

        • Nina says:

          Agree. Little Italy on 92nd is much better. I pass by Two Boots daily and never go in Have not gone in since it opened and was less than enthused.

    7. Miranda Smith says:

      Praying for decent Chinese restaurant! Tired of trekking to Chinatown.

      • miasanmiausa says:

        Chinese is the one decent cuisine we have! Jing Fong, Han Dynasty, Red Farm are all good

    8. UWSHebrew says:

      Good riddance to Two Boots,the most overrated pizza in the neighborhood.

      • Rob G. says:

        Aw come on! I’ll take overrated pizza with psychedelic décor over fast food (Popeyes & McDonalds) and shuttered stores that act as homeless magnets any day. Those blocks near the subway station are a huge problem because of this. That said, I hope things will improve once the new nearby condos go up.

      • Joe says:

        This is word for word what I was going to comment, except I was going to say it was the most overrated pizza in the city, not the neighborhood.

    9. Mike Towers says:

      Does anybody know when the CVS at Broadway and 110th street will open?

    10. Don says:

      Two boots was sandpaper masquerading as pizza. No loss With its closing.

    11. Zanarkand says:

      Being married to a Shanghainese woman, I’m gonna have high standards for a Shanghainese restaurant. That being said, I am super hyped for it and hope they keep it relatively authentic.

    12. Wijmlet says:

      La Vela, on Amsterdam near 78 Street, also closed suddenly after many years.

      • Patricia says:

        LOVED Vela’s, wonderful food at a great price – that was a real loss in the Amsterdam-70’s neighborhood. Coppola is the new substitute.

    13. Darwin says:

      Oh no!!! We loved Two Boots!! Especially the crust . . .

    14. Keith says:

      There is so much better pizza in the low 80s now with Made in NY and Marinara, we don’t need Two Boots in the hood.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        I was very impressed with Made in New York, solid slice. Marinara was a letdown.

      • Mark P says:

        Yeah but sometimes I want a slice with a medley o’ vegges on it. You know something a little funky and creative, not classic. Made in NY is great, but they don’t have that.

    15. marto says:

      Does anyone know what happened to Manchester Diner?

    16. Jackie says:

      Tri Dim Shanghai is on the east side (79/3rd). My family LOVES it. The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. Food is great. We wouldn’t travel east for Chinese food if it wasn’t. I was VERY excited to see their “coming soon” sign in the window! Lucky us.

    17. ML says:

      I had pizza 3 times at Too Boots through the years, the cheese and sauce were good but the pizza crust was very grainy, it was weird.

    18. Nina says:

      I suppose it is joining the mysterious Taco Truck restaurant in the ozone.