Local Jewish Congregations Support Muslims After New Zealand Attacks

Synagogue members gathered with Islamic Cultural Center members on Friday.

Jewish congregations gathered at the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside Drive and 72nd Street on Friday to offer support after terrorist attacks against Muslims killed 49 people in New Zealand.

Worshipers and rabbis from several synagogues, including Ansche Chesed and Romemu gathered and held signs on Friday. Jeff French Segall took photos of the event.

Rabbis Jeremy Kalmonovsky of Congregation Ansche Chesed and David Ingber of Romemu.

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann of SAJ (the Society for the Advancement of Judaism) standing with Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu, Jibril Abdullahi and others in front of the Islamic cultural center on Friday.

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    1. Wijmlet says:


    2. Bruce E. Bernstein says:


      a very deep thank you to the Rabbis and Congregants for expressing the true soul of Jewish West Siders.

      and deep thoughts of solidarity and unity with our Islamic brothers and sisters.

    3. Juan says:

      99% of Muslims are peaceful, hard working contributors to society. Probably more than a lot of other ethnic groups. It is a shame they have been turned into a scapegoat for the world’s problems.

      Kudos to those who showed up to support our neighbors at this difficult time.

      • Che says:

        That’s an interesting, honest observation.

        “Scapegoat for the world’s problems”: negative remarks come out of accusers’ mouths without them thinking beforehand or afterwards. It’s like seeing people walk towards and across a crosswalk on the red light without bothering to look to the right or left for oncoming traffic.

    4. Yael says:

      This is truly beautiful, thank you. P.s. I found Waldo in 3rd photo!

    5. Emilie says:

      I am heartbroken. We must go on repairing the world

    6. Gail Naruo says:

      Touching, uplifting and hopeful. We are one, indeed.

    7. Lrahip says:

      Thanks for being there for our fellow New Yorkers.Working together with our faith and humanity.

    8. Bob Lamm says:

      Wonderful response by these rabbis and congregants from our neighborhood.

      Reading about this is especially painful for me because I’ve been in Christchurch and was staying very close to where the attack took place.

    9. Make the world a better place with no one left out. When you make chicken soup the smuts rises to the top. Humanity can then scoop it off and enjoy the result. With great respect and appreciation, judith