On Henry’s Last Night, A Proclamation for ‘Henry Rinehart Appreciation Day’

Henry’s Restaurant on Broadway between 105th and 106th had its last night on Sunday, and Borough President Gale Brewer offered a special pronouncement to remember the occasion: “Henry Rinehart Appreciation Day.”

Henry was honored not just for his restaurant, which lasted 19 years, but for his work in making healthier school lunches, and for being a street safety and bicycling advocate. Henry’s will be replaced by a seafood restaurant.

See the proclamation below, courtesy of Daniel Sommer.

Click to enlarge.

Photo of Henry Rinehart via Henry’s.

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    1. Patty says:

      I miss the place already 😩

    2. Marjorie says:

      My husband and I went to have lunch at Henry’s on Tuesday last–our farewell. We waited at the host stand for five minutes, while the host, who clearly had seen us, ran back and forth through the dining room, never acknowledging us with so much as a nod of the head. We left. And this is why we will not miss Henry’s.

    3. Shirley Z- 77th St says:

      My heart is sad 🙁 Going to miss HENRYS Very Very Much! UWS neighborhood won’t be the same! God Speed!

    4. Terence says:

      Following the closing of the Abbey Pub, we are sad to see another neighborhood mainstay go away.
      Support your other local taverns and restaurants while you still have them!

    5. Mike D NYC says:

      So the host ran back and forth through the dining room and didn’t acknowledge you for five minutes. Wasn’t the host busy?
      And you left? And because of this perceived slight you are apparently happy that this restaurant is closing?
      Your husband is a saint.

      • B.B. says:

        People come to your house for dinner or whatever, and you’re rushing around dealing with other guests or otherwise busy, do you just ignore the people standing in the vestibule?

        Job of a professional host at basic level is to meet and greet guests. Least the guy could have done was say “hello”, and explained he was busy but would be right back.

        In the good old days of service in such a situation a party would be directed to the bar for a drink on the house.

      • Mark says:

        Mike D.-
        Well said.

      • Marjorie says:

        Perhaps I am the saint. It was my husband who insisted we leave.

    6. Joan Feldman says:

      I was never very fond of this place but it makes me very sad to see another business leave the upper west side, our wonderful neighborhood