Small Business Focus: Anya Brodsky, DDS

By Carol Tannenhauser

It’s never a good time to chip a tooth, but a front tooth on a Friday afternoon at the start of a three-day weekend is particularly bad. That’s when I tasted the grains and felt the ragged edge with my tongue. I ran to the mirror. I needed a dentist.

I had met one, years before, through my work at West Side Rag. It turns out Anya Brodsky, DDS, who advertises in the Rag, is married to my husband’s cousin’s son, who grew up in California. I barely knew her, but I had her cell phone number. I had been wanting to switch to an UWS dentist for some time. But should I bother her now? I looked in the mirror again, and dialed.

Dr. Brodsky, 37, a lifelong Upper West Sider, was just packing up her four-year-old twin sons to leave for their country house upstate. She shifted to Plan B without hesitation.

“I’ll meet you at my office in 20 minutes,” she said.

She arrived at 71st and CPW with two adorable, dark-haired boys (who I could definitely tell apart.) One of them told me earnestly that when I go to the dentist, I really should “bring a grownup.” Dr. Brodsky set them up in the waiting room with drinkable yogurts, banana bread, and her cell phone, set to a New York City subway app.

“Here comes the D train,” one of the boys exclaimed.

“Do you take the D to your house?” I asked.

“No,” his brother answered. “The D’s an express.”

We could hear them chattering away about trains from the other room, as Dr. Brodsky fixed my tooth. For a moment, their voices rose.

“No hitting, boys,” the doctor called. “Open wider.”

When she finished, my tooth looked perfect. But I could only think of how she must have looked to her boys. From where I was sitting, the view was spectacular.

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    1. Leslie Gray says:

      What a fabulous recommendation!

    2. John says:

      Great article! I’ve used Dr. Brodsky before and she is the best dentist on the Upper West Side. She is so kind and also very skilled. I highly recommend!

    3. Helen Conley says:

      That was so nice of Dr. Brodsky to go out of her way for a new patient! And her sons are learning to appreciate that Mom works.

    4. Kristine says:

      Anya Brodsky is amazing! This story makes me so happy. A horrible morning for you, turned around. Happy your teeth was fixed and you go through that experience in the of the best hands. Well done!

    5. Jennifer Baldinger says:

      Sounds like just the thing Dr Brodsky would do! She is really so caring and lovely to deal with!

    6. Fainna says:

      Dr. Brodsky is the best dentist! Not only is she highly skilled, but as shown above, she’s truly dedicated to her patients.

    7. Lori Abeles says:

      Dr. Brodsky is THE BEST!!

    8. Beth Magne-Watts says:

      Dr Brodsky is fantastic! She opened up early to help my 8 yr old daughter who had broken her adult front tooth. Dr Brodsky did an amazing job and the specialist we went to see afterwards is told us it was excellent work and had saved the nerve of the tooth. On top of that, Dr Brodsky is a lovely, warm person and great with kids. Highly recommend!!!!

    9. Kari Coley says:

      This happened to me before, front tooth chipped right before a long holiday weekend when I was about to head out of town. Was able to find a kind dentist last minute who understood the severity and helped me out right away. Kudos to Dr. Brodsky.

    10. Gabby says:

      Dr. Brodsky is the best! She’s patient, gentle and truly caring – one of a kind!

    11. Perry says:

      Anya’s been my dentist for three years now and I couldn’t be more pleased. Smart, skilled, confident, compassionate, and kind. You couldn’t be in better hands.

    12. Kathleen says:

      I went to this dentist once and would NEVER return. She was incredibly rude to her assistant, annoyed that the assistant had taken a full set of x-rays and berated her right in front of me. She barely spoke to me and, in response to pain I was experiencing, even with a set of x-rays to look at, told me to try using Sensodyne (which I already used). She was just so rude and abrupt I was quite astonished. I went to another dentist who referred me to an endodontist and the tooth “doctor” Brodsky had dismissed had a problem in the root and needed to be removed and replaced with an implant. Until it was removed I was in constant pain. I would never ever recommend this dentist to anyone.

    13. Erin says:

      I agree! Dr. Brodsky is amazing!

    14. BillyNYC says:

      Great recommendation!
      My dentist retired several years ago and I just found out about it. I’m just horrified looking for a new dentist but after reading this article I feel I should give her a call…

    15. John says:

      Incredible dentist! She helped me through an emergency with a cracked tooth that was really painful. So calm, supportive, and knowledgable- led me through the process and got me to the best people when I wasn’t very functional on my own.

    16. Vicki says:

      Such a sweet retelling of what could have been a really annoying event for you, but thanks to Dr Brodsky it became an ode to a wonderful and talented working mom!

    17. Sheila Jordan says:

      We are truly lucky to have such a caring and talented dentist on the UWS. Where else do you find such great treatment on a Friday afternoon. Glad you’re all fixed up!

    18. Michael says:

      What a great story!

    19. Alex Stormer says:

      Dr. Brodsky is the best – known her my entire life and trust her 💯 with dentistry or really anything I would need help with! Add her to your medical contacts!

    20. wombatNYC says:

      how do I get me a country house. I’m getting tired of this city . The only way to keep your sanity is to have a place to escape outside the city .

    21. Tom J says:

      She is the best, as is her assistant, Kara. Incredibly caring, kind, and thoughtful.

    22. Keely says:

      She is the BEST dentist I’ve ever had and I recommend her to everyone. Thank you WSR for having her ad over on the side of your page because otherwise I wouldn’t have found her.

    23. Scott says:

      So the WSR now runs editorial profiles on businesses that advertise on the site? Tsk tsk.

      • Tim says:

        Scott, I noticed that also! WSR should have included “Paid Sponsor” in the title. Sounds like she’s a good dentist and a nice person. But I’ll include great marketer also! 🙂 But one can’t help but raise an eyebrow at how this “article” came about.