Switcheroo Week: One Street Changes Direction, as Another Becomes Two-Way Again

60th Street has switched directions and now heads westbound from Columbus to West End. Photo by Paul.

The Upper West Side is flowing in new directions this week. Or rather, the traffic is.

On 60th Street between Columbus and West End, traffic is now only westbound — it used to run east. The street also got new lane marking after previously being bare.

On 62nd Street, where a water main project is finally complete, the street is once again two-way between Columbus and Amsterdam. Jonathan sent the photo below and predicted it “should improve traffic flow in the neighborhood.”

The city says the changes will calm traffic and streamline traffic flow.

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    1. Young Sally says:

      Make sure your GPS is updated! Just a matter of time before an Uber goes the wrong way.

    2. Lutu says:

      60th street has changed direction 3 times in last 5 years!

    3. Cyrus says:

      Is anyone aware of the reason why 60th Street is now going westbound?

    4. William says:

      I live on this block and walk both streets frequently, and I have never seen any sign of congestion; quite the opposite in fact.

      Perhaps the real reason is to be ready for the soon to be finished mega residential development around West End Avenue and 60th that will bring several hundred new luxury apartments into play.

    5. dannyboy says:

      The even numbered streets generally run west to east.

      Hoping there’s traffic cops directing traffic for a long, long time.

    6. Priscilla says:

      So much for the mnemonic ‘even east’