Fistfight Over Parking Spot Sends One Man to Hospital, the Other to a Court Date

A space in front of 321 West 77th Street, via Google Streetview.

A Yonkers man is facing misdemeanor assault charges after allegedly punching another man in the face over a parking spot last Wednesday.

The assault took place in front of 321 West 77th Street (between Riverside and West End) on Wednesday at 9:15 a.m., according to police.

The 31-year-old assailant punched a 50-year-old man from Queens in the face with a closed fist, causing “bleeding, swelling, and pain.” The victim was taken to Roosevelt Hospital (now called (MT. Sinai West) for “observation and treatment” police said.

Parking is such a famous ordeal on the UWS, one local made a short film about it.

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    1. Rick says:

      We need details! Did one try to go in head-first? Was it an alternate side issue? Cmon!

    2. BillyNYC says:

      They are both so sick!!!
      They’re idiots!!!
      They need to go to anger management… Laugh out loud
      What’s with these out of towners?
      There’s dozens of parking spaces in the area and I see this all the time – very street entertaining. Not even kids would act this way. Just ignore it and move on. There’s always a parking space here on the upper West side.

    3. Josh P. says:

      Car owners need to pay the market rate for parking on publicly owned streets. It’s not right that someone can store their Mercedes for free on some of the most valuable land in the world.

      • David says:

        Josh is jealous he doesn’t have a Mercedes, or any vehicle, to take advantage of what he probably considers an “entitlement” (i.e.: parking for free).

    4. AC says:

      For us old timers , , , it will forever be known as Roosevelt Hospital.

    5. Chrigid says:

      that’s not even a parking space. It’s got a johnny pump.

    6. Zanarkand says:

      So two people from outside the neighborhood, come to the neighborhood, and don’t know how to act. Both should be charged with disorderly conduct. Lol

    7. The Native says:

      This is why you need neighborhood parking restitctions. Then someone from Yonkers and someone from Queens would not be driving their cars to work on the uWS>

    8. Jimbo says:

      It’s time for parking permits for residents. We pay NYC income tax, yet every visitor parks for free.

      • UWSer says:

        I totally agree! I feel like every weekend, I am competing with cars with New Jersey plates to park in my neighborhood! And they are so aggressive and jerky about it! We need resident parking and visitors need to pay for parking. It will be good for the local garages!

        • Billy says:

          Resident parking is on the planning board, very similar to the Boston program. It will be a test from West 66 street to W. 96th St. From Central Park West to Riverside Drive.

    9. Jr2018 says:

      The worst offenders are the doormen who take up two parking spots at once for their lovely co-workers/tenants.. i see it it on every block.

      • B.B. says:

        Nearly every “white glove” building staff does same for themselves and or certain residents.

        UES, UWS, Beekman Place, Sutton Place, etc… it happens all the time.

        Doormen, porters, and or other staff “save” spots for themselves and or residents either by blocking them off with their own vehicles, and or using cones/trash cans.

        In exchange for reserving Mr. Vanderbilt’s parking spot, generous tips are rewarded at Christmas.

        When no parking rules expire along Fifth Avenue/UES out come the cones from about 96th right down to the sixties. Ditto for other areas.

        Honorable mention goes out to all those “Please Do Not Block The Entrance To Our Building” signs placed in front of building with a cone (or two) in gutter to enforce said “request”.

    10. Donald says:

      BUILD THE WALL (around Yonkers)

    11. dannyboy says:

      Interesting coincidence. Just now I needed to call police to settle the altercation that resulted from some guy standing in a space to hold it for his partner-in-crime.

      Best to let the Police handle these people.

      • B.B. says:

        Can understand tempers flaring or whatever over a parking spot between two drivers; but this nonsense about “holding” a spot must stop.

        Placing cones or other objects, and or physically standing in a spot in order to reserve is illegal and just wrong. People don’t own the street, and I don’t care how long you’ve lived and or worked on a block.

    12. Busterboy says:

      For you whose of you who live in
      Pre war buildings many have mailboxes in the lobby.
      My building does and I put all my mail in the lobby mailbox. Our mailman picks up the mail daily.
      I would encourage others to use the small slit mailboxes. There should be more of them.

    13. “Sick and suffering.”

      Down here — now living in Texas — one or both would be “packing.” So at least one would be dead, and one would still be suffering. 😉