Van Bursts into Flames in Central Park

An electrical fire in a Central Park Conservancy van sent plumes of smoke into the air early Wednesday morning.

Our tipster M. took the photo above at 7:25 a.m. at the 102nd Street Transverse closest to West Drive, she said.

The fire was in a staff van owned by the conservancy, said a conservancy spokeswoman. No one was injured and firefighters quickly put it out, she said. There was no damage to other property, she added.

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    1. Tom says:

      Seinfeld’s van???

    2. To Dramatic... says:

      “Van Bursts into Flames…”???

      Or it had an electrical problem and caught on fire?

    3. not again says:

      Well, that’s ONE way to clear some trees for the latest LPQ outpost.

    4. Charles says:

      On a side note, who is responsible for cleaning the Reservoir? On my run last night I noticed a thirty foot long strip of solid littler and plastic waste along the northern edge and plastic bags strewn around the entire circumference of the lake. Disgusting. Is it ever cleaned?

      • dannyboy says:

        There is 2 queues for requesting maintenance:

        (1) Regular citizens can ask and complain but the result is always consistent: none.

        (2) Money asks. Again the result is always consistent: “Yes Sir, right away!”.

        So I guess it’s which queue you’re in.

    5. Pete says:

      Tipster M is on top of shit. She needs a pullitzer

    6. Natasha says:

      Keep laying off staff and relying on volunteers and interns, and we’ll have more of this and trees falling on children, and rats running rampant. What exactly do they spend their $40 million a year on other than exec salaries? I talk to staff who don’t have proper tools or uniforms. This conservancy desperately needs an exhaustive audit.