Openings & Closings: E’s Bar Uptown, Ikinari Steak, Shape House

E’s Bar is opening a new location at 2888 Broadway, the former home of Amigo’s near 112th Street. We got the following description from co-owner Erin Bellard. She’s hoping to open this fall.

Concept: The brainchild of Erin Bellard and Ethan Hunt, e’s BAR is just what the neighborhood ordered. e’s BAR is perfectly designed with pops of color, sticker graffiti and even Polaroids of the patrons that add warmth to an already cozy ambiance. You’ll only hear tunes from 1960 to 1999 courtesy of their jukebox. With numerous board games to borrow, you’ll see people playing dirty dare Jenga, Connect Four or Cards Against Humanity. Happily missing is a room full of people basking in the glow of their cell phones. With its addictively casual, yet upscale atmosphere and eclectic mix of patrons all socializing beautifully, e’s BAR is the place you want to go to every night of the week.

Food: The menu noshes are mouthwatering. The grass fed e’s Burger is our featured menu item and if you need something crispy to go with your beverage choose the shishito peppers or the cup o’ crisp green beans.

There are plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options. Fish tacos, falafel burger, the best mac-n-cheese balls ever…basically the best bar food around.

Cocktails: e’s BAR is a neighborhood local. If we don’t have something one of our guests likes to drink, we get it. We feature extensive beer, scotch, bourbon, whiskey and rye sections and feature a rotating seasonal wines by the glass list.

Ikinari Steak, a Japanese steakhouse, is opening on Friday in the former home of brgr on Broadway between 79th and 80th. Thanks to Keith, Sara and Theo for the tips.

Fitness business Shape House, an “urban sweat lodge”, has opened at 50 West 86th Street. Thanks to Kate for the tip.

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    1. Sue says:

      Ikinari Steak was up an running tonight (Thursday, 7/5)

      They were handing out flyers that said that while their first US location was famous for no chairs, they “now have stools to serve a wider range of customers”

      Also walked by Dig Inn at 100 West 67th – They were packed! I went in but the noise level was so bad I couldn’t wait to get out. I found out that the food was free while they were doing “a practice”

      Hope it’s not as loud when it opens for real. It was THAT BAD. Also assaulting the senses: the cooking aroma. Kind of cabbage-y.

      Maybe practice will make perfect.

      They open for real 7/7

      Menu online looks interesting.

      I didn’t notice seats while I was there – not even “stools for a wider range of customers”.
      Not sure if in my haste to escape, I missed them, or if it’s strictly take out.

    2. Kathleen says:

      An urban sweat lodge? Seems to me Shape House is just dripping with cultural appropriation.

    3. University Housewares and Columbia Hardware (2 locations on the same block on Broadway between 113th and 114th Streets) are moving across the street into a single storefront where Ricky’s used to be next to the Morningside Heights Branch of the NYPL at 113th and Broadway. They expect to move July 1. According to Bob Fendell— owner—he’s been at the housewares store since 1984 and the hardware store has been in that location for 80 years.” Bob is the best and this is great Congrats!!! The old West End is still closed!!! Seems to me that de Blasio has failed— ruined NY skyline, neighborhoods, small stores. It is revolting! and what about our reps: Gale Brewer, Helen Rosenthal, Mark Levine— good folks but something MUST be done!— TY, Neal H. Hurwitz W 115th Street off RSD

      • Dissident says:

        and what about our reps: Gale Brewer, Helen Rosenthal, Mark Levine— good folks

        Are they “good”? What makes them so?

    4. BillyNYC says:

      Capello’s Italian restaurant on W. 79th St. off Amsterdam Avenue has closed due to a gas leak in the building. Rumor has it they are looking for another location in the same neighborhood and have their eyes on the new building that just opened directly across the street of their present location next to the Lucerne hotel.

      • Terry says:

        That’s Coppola’s, 206 W. 79th St.
        They have a sign on their window about the gas leak.

        • BillyNYC says:

          Yes Terry and thank you for the spelling correction and I’ve been in there for years, the best Italian restaurant around and wonderful family.

    5. KM says:

      So excited about E’s! The food at Amigo’s was not good at all and the margaritas barely made up for it.

    6. dannyboy says:

      E’s sounds great!

    7. Edi says:

      That’s always been a tough spot for some reason. So many businesses have opened & closed there over the years. Which is odd, considering it is right off of the subway. Wishing them luck!

    8. Jess says:

      Is e’s bar moving or is it opening a second location in addition to the bar in the 80s?

    9. JAR143UWS says:

      Saw a sign that Jack’s Stir Brew is opening on Columbus, between 77 and 78? Awesome addition if so.

    10. NYYgirl says:

      There’s already a place less than a block away (other side of Bway where people can play board games. I think it’s called Hex (?) Hope it doesn’t affect their business & wish the two weren’t so close to each other!