Photo of the Week: Egg Fries on the Pavement

A raw egg or two fried into a street omelette on Tuesday on West End between 73rd and 74th this Tuesday amid the endless heat wave. Thanks to Harriet for the photo.

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    1. Sue says:

      I saw this in Riverside Park tonight! Had no idea what it was until now.

    2. jhminnyc says:

      I don’t know about fried. Looks like it may have just dried.

    3. Rob says:

      Where’s the sausage and bacon?

    4. Wendy says:

      Hope that no one’s so hungry, that s/he eats those egg [s ?]. Probably, a [vermin] Pigeon shall eat it/them. Hey, Pizza-Rat ! n.b. Buy free-range Eggs. Stop factory farms. n.b. a poem re a battery Hen, [England’s English]. Also, the Hen who Dreamed she Could Fly; [ translated from the Korean language].How’re those Red Hen eateries doin’ ? Bon appetit.

    5. Anna-ineZ says:

      Though I am impressed that the egg did “fry” on such a hot day; to be honest I’d like to see a neatly “fried egg “ which means that the yoke is yellow and centered and the white of the egg surrounds it neatly just like when you order it on a plate for breakfast. Then I would be really impressed. 😎

    6. Yu Gonna Eat Dat? says:


      1. With gourmet spatula ($29.95 at Williams-Sonoma / $14.63 for 2 at Home Depot) scrape pre-fried eggs off hot sidewalk;

      2. Carefully remove egg-shells, spat-out gum, pigeon poop, dog-poop, cigarette butts, and any stuff that would have made your Mom scream “Don’t Touch That! Go Wash Your Hands!!”

      3. Place now-clean pre-fried eggs in blender, set to “Light Scramble” for an hour;

      4. For true NYC gritty-ness lightly sprinkle with “Authentic Manhattan Schmutz”…or, for your Inner-Hipster, substitute “Real Williamsburg/Dumbo Schmutz”;

      5. Re-heat in microwave for 5.274 minutes; then place in marbled ceramic food storage bowl ($23 at Urban Outfitters)

      Serve to your dearest “Frenemies”