Openings & Closings: Kefi, The Bar Method, Milk & Honey, Japanese Steakhouse

Kefi, the Greek restaurant at 505 Columbus Avenue (84th-85th), closed suddenly this week with a note on the door thanking patrons. On its Facebook page, the restaurant’s management said they are moving but didn’t say where. Thanks to Maria, Marlene, AnnMarie and Kevin for the tips.

The Bar Method, a fitness studio that uses dance methods, is opening a location on Broadway between 87th and 88th on the West side of the street. It’s in the old Ricky’s location, next to Brooks Brothers. Thanks to Krissi, Amy and Celeste for the tips.

Milk & Honey, the new Kosher spot on 72nd Street near Columbus, closed just days after opening. It’s not clear what the issue is, or when they’ll reopen.

Canteen 82 on Columbus between 82nd and 83rd recently closed, with a sign on the door saying they’re doing renovations. Thanks to Carole and Yon-Loon for the tips.

UWS yoga studio NY Loves Yoga at 140 West 83rd Street is expanding its yoga studio, and opening a new wellness-based coworking space called OASIS on the second floor. OASIS will feature “various desk/table/seating options, including standing desks, private tables, communal tables, pouf seating, beanbags & bolsters; as well as outdoor seating (located on the tranquil deck) as well as yoga classes. OASIS officially opens on Monday, June 18. Before the official opening, the NY Loves Yoga & OASIS team is hosting a special community open house, including a free yoga class, on Saturday, June 16.”

And we hear…a Japanese steakhouse is expected to open in the former location of brgr on Broadway between 79th and 80th. Thanks to Jackie for the tip.

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    1. B.B. says:

      Kefi had problems back in January with landlord that forced a temporary closure.

      Maybe they just down again just to be ahead of the marshal arriving to evict.

    2. Tostonesfix says:

      Too bad about Kefi. We went to the original 72nd st. location often and the Columbus location a lot at first. We lost interest when it got so loud and crowded. Good food at reasonable prices.

      Canteen 82 is also a shame. While the most recent incarnation left something to be desired the original concept was a winner but couldn’t be sustained on the UWS.

    3. MQue says:

      Does anyone if the Japanese steak house will be Ikinar? That would be awesome

    4. Sean says:

      When is the Bagel Nosh going to Re-open?

      • Stuart says:

        Sean – ask Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman to set the Wayback Machine to the early 1980s if you want to eat at Bagel Nosh again.

    5. steve says:

      It wasn’t a good sign when a few months back, the main original chef and principal distanced himself from the place. A worse sign was the contradictory statement from the manager of the location at the end of the article

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Canteen isn’t “doing renovations.” That’s restaurant-speak for CLOSED.

    7. MQue says:

      Does anyone know if the Japanese steak house will be a ikinari chain?

    8. Cato says:

      Frankly, I’m not surprised at Kefi’s closing. It had become very, very disappointing. The last time we were there, the service was dreadful — we waited endlessly between courses, and then I was served raw (not rare, *raw*) pork.

      Here’s the review I posted on Yelp, in excruciating detail:

      You’ll see other, similar reviews on Yelp (mixed in, I admit, with the usual vapid “This is the most amazing place ever ever ever!”, but I usually discount those anyway.)

      Not sure what happened to Kefi, but it sounds from their reviews like they were shedding customers, even devoted return customers. Their closing is a loss, but it’s not surprising given what they had become.

    9. Carlos says:

      This will be Kefi’s second move, as it was originally in a much smaller space on 79th. I hope they stay in the neighborhood – we used to go there a lot. Somewhere with fewer stairs and better spaced tables would be great, though I recognize the need to have tables close together to maximize profits.

      The brgr space seems really small for a Japanese steakhouse. And it is awfully close to Flame, which is the same concept. But I wish them the best of luck, as I enjoy those types of restaurants.

    10. JW says:

      Had lunch at Utopia Diner on Broadway and W. 72 street and noticed a charge on my bill for using a credit card. Shame on you Utopia Diner!

      • Cato says:

        — “Had lunch at Utopia Diner on Broadway and W. 72 street and noticed a charge on my bill for using a credit card.”

        This is great! Credit card companies charge vendors a fee each time they accept payment by credit card. As more and more people become too lazy to carry money and instead pay for everything with their pocket-plastic, those mounting fees get passed on to all patrons — including those of us who still use (gasp!) money, and don’t run up those fees.

        At least at this one establishment, those of us who pay with money will no longer have to foot the bill for the charge-everything set.

    11. Amelia says:

      Closing, sort of: The owner of Pretto, previously Al Dente, on corner of Amsterdam and 80th, has closed her doors. We’re told she’s sold to someone else. Nothing specific yet.

    12. UWSHebrew says:

      WSR please keep us informed regarding Milk & Honey. It just opened and now it is closed?!

    13. 20West says:

      We were told by the waiter at Fishtag on Sunday night that Fishtag was being turned back into Kefi – so they are moving back into their original space on 79th.

    14. Rich M. says:

      The news of Kefi’s move (but no destination) is at the top of the Michael Psilakis Group’s website, where it’s described as “our beloved UWS Greek eatery,” so it seems he’ll be associated with the successor:

    15. UWS-er says:

      Per Eater, Kefi is moving back to its original location, where Fishtag is now (and Fishtag is looking to move).

    16. West88 says:

      KEFI UPDATE – it’s relocating back to it’s original location at 222 West 79th St., between Broadway and Amsterdam where Fishtag now lives (same owner) which will be relocated. Via Eater…

    17. JW says:

      It’s a shame that 72nd st Bagel closed and it’s sat completely idle for 1.5 years, only for Milk + Honey to open and close immediately. No surprises here.. If only a good, affordable restaurant would open in its place…

      and, for what it’s worth, 72nd bagel wasn’t perfect, but Zucker’s is a complete joke – terrible service and very mediocre bagels + sandwiches.

    18. Jimbo says:

      Any news on the Royale bakery on 72 Street???

    19. uwseric says:

      I don’t think Milk and Honey ever got an official grade from the health department, so they shouldn’t have been open to begin with.

    20. nativenyer says:

      This is the 2nd time that Milk and Honey had a grand opening and then abruptly closed the very next day.

      After the first time, it remained closed for several months with a note on the door stating repairs were ongoing.

      Finally, months later, they announced another grand opening, then had their grand opening only to line the windows and doors with brown paper once again. This is bizarre.

      I miss the old bagel store as well even though I agree it wasn’t perfect. Every time I have gone into Zucker’s I have been disappointed with the service even with very minimal, basic expectations. They don’t see customers who are standing in line, they are unable to follow simple instructions and they are too sarcastic (even for me who appreciates sarcasm). It feels like a chore just to go in there and order a simple item.

    21. Brenda says:

      Okay everyone…Where can I get good Chinese food on the UWS? This should not be so elusive.

      Please help

      • Mark Moore says:

        Where can I get good pizza?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          MAMA’S TOO! Incredible quality of ingredients, try the house slice and put some of their made–from-scratch thinly sliced hot peppers on it. To die for!

      • patrick says:

        Um, let me introduce you to a little tool i’ve been using lately: Type what you’re looking for in the “search bar,” press return and delight at the information coming your way.

        Otherwise, I would recommend Han Dynasty and RedFarm.

        • Brenda says:

          I find Red Farm too meet/pork intensive and Han is a bit artsy for my taste. I’m looking for the creativity and freshness that once was Canteen 82.

          Thank you for the recommendations though (and the snark.)

        • Juan says:

          Handy Nasty (as everyone lovingly calls it) is very good, as is Red Farm. But they are not really the place to go for staple, basic takeout Chinese food – it is like telling someone who wants to take the family to get basic tacos and enchiladas to go to Rosa Mexicano.

          That being said, I don’t really have a go to Chinese place. I tend to order from Cottage on Amsterdam for the basics, but it is pretty hit or miss.

      • UWSHebrew says:


      • Nanny says:

        Try La Dinastia 145 W 72ndSt. We recently discovered it by accident after living a block away for 6 years. The food is old school Chinese. Plentiful and priced right.

      • UWS-er says:

        Legend. Jing Fong. RedFarm. Han Dynasty.

    22. UWSmaven says:

      I simply can’t figure out Canteen… in the last few years, they have raised their prices, changed/shortened their menu, renovated the dining room to somehow be LESS commodious than before, and there is NEVER anybody in there. Always wanted it to be better and always disappointed. Han Dynasty and even takeout New Kam Lai are better/more reaonable. It’s a shame and a missed opportunity.