Two ‘Sing for Hope’ Pianos Have Been Placed on the UWS

A piano that was dropped off at Lincoln Center. Photo by Rob.

The Sing for Hope project, which puts colorful pianos throughout the city for a few weeks for anyone to play, is back. And there are two pianos on the Upper West Side, available for anyone to play.

The project is meant to encourage people to play and listen to music in public places, and the pianos are then donated to public schools. The two pianos on the UWS are located at Columbus and 62nd Street on the Lincoln Center campus, and at the Central Park Dairy in the middle of the park around 65th Street. The pianos will be there until June 24.


See the full map here.

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    1. Sue darrow says:

      Julie…..let me know when you’re going to play the Sing for Hope piano at 62nd and Lincoln Center. I,ll be there!