Morning Bulletin: The Amazing Newspaper Salesman, Micro-Studio Hits the Market

In Riverside Park. Photo by Barbara Migdal.

April 23, 2018 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 64 degrees.

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Ram Badan Singh has been selling newspapers on the corner of Central Park West and 86th Street for 36 years, in snow, rain and intense heat. “Except for three brief trips back to India in the 1980s and ’90s, he has sold newspapers outside the 86th Street subway station every night and morning, in blizzards and rainstorms and heat waves, with no newsstand for protection and not a single day off. There is every reason to expect he will turn 81, in July, at his chosen perch on the side doorstep of a grand prewar apartment building that calls itself, without apparent irony, the White House.” Some neighbors started a GoFundMe campaign to support him when the 86th street B-C station closes and he loses some potential customers. It had raised $3,225 as of Monday morning.

A dedicated volunteer cares for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial in Riverside Park.

A rent stabilized micro-studio on 71st street is renting for $1,000. Brick Underground debates whether it’s worth renting. “This all probably sounds insane to anyone living outside of the New York metro area, but no doubt some of us residing in the five boroughs read the price and scratch our chins thinking, ‘Not bad for the Upper West Side.'”

The owner of an Upper West Side dry cleaner was a Holocaust survivor, and taught a young employee an important lesson. “I called him — always — Mr. Michele. I never knew his first name. He owned a popular dry cleaning shop on the Upper West Side of New York where I grew up, and for three years, Mr. Michele was my boss…I returned from my final deliveries, and as I walked back into the store, Mr. Michele sat in a chair on one side of the counter.”

A Central Park West townhouse is asking $29 million.

For 1 train riders: the Cortlandt street station, closed since 9/11, will reopen in October.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      “Cortlandt street station, closed since 9/11, will reopen in October.”

      Kudos to the MTA

    2. Felicia says:

      Neither rain nor snow
      nor sleet nor heat nor blizzard
      stops good Mr. Singh.

      A haiku

    3. FriendlySAYNAYbor says:

      Caveat emptor re: “micro-studio” (aka maxi-ripoff). A quick check of complaints filed against that property should make anyone run. Go to and then click on “Complaint History” in the left nav bar. Oh, and there’s an ACTIVE “order to repair/vacate” against the property as well. And that’s all without the known bedbug issue…