Photo of the Day: Perfect Weather to Walk Your Lizard

Wednesday’s unseasonably warm weather led many Upper West Siders to wear short-sleeve shirts and take the family pet out for a nice walk — even if that pet is a lizard.

L.B., who took the photo above at 86th and Amsterdam, believes the lizard-walker may be Orange is the New Black actress Constance Shulman, who is known to have a 14-inch lizard that she sometimes takes outside.

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    1. Zeus says:

      Now I’ve seen it all.
      And….the lizard looks real comfortable
      back in its natural habitat.

    2. N. Trepanoor says:


      A new marketing opportunity!!

      Someone should create:”PLEASE CURB YOUR LIZARD”
      signs and sell them to the brownstone owners, et. al.

    3. izzy says:

      God, I love this city and all the freaks that live here.

    4. walkies says:

      And why not! Lizards love the sun too! :3

    5. Wendy says:

      Has that Lizard had a date with the famous Tortoise, [which may still be walked in Central Park ?]. n.b. Alice in Wonderland’s poem , [recited by the Gryphon [?]] Seen a Monitor Lizard ! Beware of walking outside with some pet birds: even w/clipped Wings, some may fly away. Glad it’s NOT a boa constrictor; [2 scary incidents].

    6. Noemie says:

      It’s totally her. I’ve seen her in the neighborhood 🙂

    7. Oliver says:

      It is her. That is the same species, Uromastyx.

    8. Allison says:

      I think that is that actress! I was standing next to her at the Genius Bar in Lincoln Square once, so she lives in the neighborhood.

      Adorable Lizard!

    9. joanriversinmemoriam says:

      That blue jacket isn’t a great color for the lizard.

    10. Stephanie says:

      Lizards should not be pets. They should be in their natural habitat.

    11. Joey says:

      Has the lizard had its shots?

    12. I really hate this trend of taking candid photos of people and posting them online for public ridicule. When did this become OK?

    13. Jimbo says:

      Ever try fried lizard ? I hear it tastes like chicken.