Teach Your Children Well: ‘Free Lemonade, Donations Gladly Accepted’

By Carol Tannenhauser

When Jeremy Zorek was five years old he wanted to open a lemonade stand on his corner, Columbus Avenue and 86th Street. His parents made him a deal. “We said, ‘If you do it to make money for yourself, we’ll buy the stuff and you’ll pay us back from what you earn,” said Michael Zorek, Jeremy’s father. “If you do it for charity, we’ll pay your expenses.” Jeremy, now 15, chose charity and, with his sister, Diana, 11, has been raising money ever since for “hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, wildfires, you name it,” Diana said.

“I think this is our biggest take yet,” Jeremy estimated. He and Diana were spending their school vacation — he goes to Hunter High School and she to Booker T. Washington Middle School — out in Wednesday’s sunny, 70-degree weather giving away free lemonade and taking donations for the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. “We’re sending the money to their movement March for Our Lives,” Jeremy said. “I feel like it’s a turning point. The kids are finally making their angry voices heard. It’s not just going by as another mass shooting. It’s the big one — the one that got everyone riled up.”

“I would not like some lemonade, but I would like to give you some money,” said a passerby. “Good job, guys!” said another, offering a bill. “Daddy! Have we got change for a fifty?” Diana yelled. “Free lemonade!” called Jeremy. “Donations gladly accepted!”

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    1. UpperBestSide says:

      Actually a very interesting model rising up, especially in the non-profit sector. Pay-what-you-please has shown in certain cases to actually yield higher profits/donations. These youth might just be budding entrepreneurs, yet!

      • ImpeachCuo-no says:

        take it from Cuomo’s policy towards MTA funding: everything is pay-what-you-please if you’re rude enough!

    2. Lucette says:

      They are getting the right message from their parents

      Starting early working for causes is its own reward and they certainly got much approval from all the pedestrians
      They are our future and with them we might be forging a better path.

    3. Maria says:

      Bravo to the parents for their wise offers and SUPER bravo to the kids who have their priorities in order. Makes me feel like the future in their hands will be okay.