Get A First Look at Proposed 2018 Street Fair Dates on the UWS

Next year’s proposed street fair calendar was just released, and it looks like there will be fairs on the same number of dates as this year — 13.

Community Board 7 will vote on the calendar at a meeting on January 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Rodeph Sholom on 83rd Street.  Despite some effort by the mayor’s office to limit these larger street fairs, it looks like there are few changes so far.

4/15/18    Veritas, Inc.    Bway, West 96th -102nd  E    Mort & Ray
4/15/18    Duke Ellington Blvd. Neighborhood Association    Bway, 102nd -106th  Mort & Ray
4/15/18    24th Precinct Community Council    Bway, West 102nd -106th  E    Mort & Ray
4/29/18    Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center    Col, West 66th – 72nd     Clearview Festival
5/06/18    Broadway Mall Center    Bway, West 86th- 93rd E    Mort & Ray
5/13/18    Committee for Environmentally Sound Development    Bway, 60th-65th Clearview
5/20/18    West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce    Amst, West 77th –88th     WMCC
5/27/18    Coalition for a Livable West Side        Bway, West 72nd -82nd  W    Mort & Ray
5/27/18    Safe Haven West Side Basketball League    Bway, West 82nd -86th  W  Mort & Ray
6/03/18    Project Open at Lincoln Center Towers        Bway, West 65th -72nd  W  Mort & Ray
6/03/18    Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition    Bway, West 65th -72nd  W    Mort & Ray
6/09/18    Valley Restoration, LDC    Col, West 96th –106th     Mardi Gras Festival
6/10/18    West Side Federation of Neighborhood & Block Assoc. Bway, 73rd-82nd Mort & Ray
6/10/18    The Broadway Mall Association    Bway, West 82nd -86th  E    Mort & Ray
8/19/18    Goddard Riverside     Amst, West 79th -86th     Clearview Festival
9/16/18    West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce    Col, West 68th –86th     WMCC
10/14/18    Bloomingdale Area Coalition    Bway, West 96th –106th W    Mort & Ray
10/21/18    NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch     Bway, West 86th  – 90th  W    Mort & Ray
10/21/18    Symphony Space    Bway, West 90th – 96th W    Mort & Ray

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    1. Minx says:

      I cannot stand these fairs. They disrupt traffic in the surrounding areas, and the huge amounts of trash left over at the end of the day are a blight on the neighborhood. The day these get banned will be good day!

    2. BillyNYC says:

      Getting ready for spring already!!! Got to think positive 75 days until spring !

    3. Craig B. says:

      Can’t wait! Said no one ever.

    4. geoff says:

      empanadas! empanadas! empanadas! empanadas!

    5. UWSmaven says:

      Has any city agency or investigative reporting/journalistic group ever looked into the finances and/or business model of “Mort and Ray”? Would be interested to know what their business model is, where the money comes from and goes, etc. And how they got the franchises for the bulk of these lookalike street fairs that seem to have no local involvement…

    6. Paul says:

      Really. How much irregular underwear do we need?

    7. Bill says:

      I can’t believe the pissing and moaning has gone on for over 36 hours and no one has yet mentioned TUBE SOCKS!!!

      C’mon people … you’re losing your edge!

      Perhaps you can just remain inside during “Fair Days”. Most of us seem able to cope.

    8. Paul RL says:

      One of the best things the city has to offer. Love ‘em!

    9. David says:

      I called the offices of Mort & Ray Productions once, and though I can’t remember if it was Mort or Ray that answered the phone (it’s apparently a small operation), he had terrible phone manners…

    10. Peggy Sue says:

      So much negative talk about something you could choose to ignore if you want to. For those of us who enjoy walking through the fairs and purchasing items from the people who make a living working at them; they are a part of what makes New York City a great place to live.