Photos: A Guy in Shorts and More Snow Photos

Who’s the guy in shorts? Photo by Carol Brewer, who thinks he must be from Florida. We think he went to the gym without checking the forecast.

Photo by Howard Freeman of Joy Brown’s sculptures in the Broadway median.

FIRST SNOW…in NYC and the #wheatgrass is lovin' it! photo ¬©Ari Mintz 2017. #snow #winter #nyc

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Photo by Howard Freeman.

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    1. OriginalMark says:

      I always go the gym in my shorts – no matter the cold or snow conditions!

    2. Jane on W. 90th St. says:

      The guy in shorts is probably from Maine or Canada and thinks people on the UWS are total wimps!

    3. Wendy says:

      Some Swedish women used to wear Shorts, at a Camp ? How much clothing in U.S.A., is made in U.S.A. ? Maybe that guy ate a good breakfast. Happy Hannukah re my Jews, & , the State of Israel. Shaloha. How’re homebound Senior Citizens in N.Y.C., this Winter ?