WestSide Wednesdays: Izakaya Ida


By Annette Akers

Izakaya refers to the casual gastropub scene of Japan. Ida translates to between, during, or “a while”.  Located in the heart of the Upper West Side, Izakaya Ida is a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy Japan’s gastropub inspired food with your favorite people.  They offer a diverse menu including Yakitori/Yakaiyasai which are grilled vegetables and meat skewers, delicious ramen dishes, rice bowls and fresh sushi and sashimi favorites.  They also offer 20 different kinds of Japanese beer sake and asian spirits. You can discover Izakaya Ida at 141 West 72nd street.

Learn more about Izakaya Ida here: https://www.izakayaida.com.

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Annette Akers is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Compass.

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