Grandma Eileen Gives Advice to Upper West Siders From 2,851 Miles Away

A stand Mike Matthews set up to let people talk to his grandma.

Mike Matthews’ grandma Eileen has accumulated great wisdom in the past 100 years, and she wants to share it with Mike’s neighbors. But she lives in Sammamish, Washington and he lives on 108th Street and Broadway.

Luckily, people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were born during Eileen’s lifetime, allowing Eileen to talk to Mike without driving 41 hours to get there. So Mike takes Eileen out on a regular basis to meet his neighbors — digitally. He sets up a stand that looks kind of like Lucy’s therapy booth from the Peanuts comic. And then he records their Skype conversations.

People love to chat with Eileen. See two recent videos they did below.

And check out the whole Facebook page here and Instagram page here.

Mike’s looking for suggestions on where he should take Eileen next. Leave some ideas in the comments.

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    1. ann bluestein says:

      this is the coolest thing ever

      • Mike says:

        She’s pretty great. So far, baby penguins belly-sliding is the coolest thing ever, but Grandma Eileen is a strong #2. xox Grandson Mike

    2. Sophie says:

      I love the UWS! And she is precious 🙂

      • Mike Matthews says:

        You’re nice Sophie. I’ll read your comment to Grandma today… she’ll love it. xo Grandson Mike

    3. md23980 says:

      116th street and Broadway by Columbia University.
      Strauss Park.
      Just outside of The West Side Supermarket (folks are always chatting with each other as they are coming in or out of supermarket).

    4. uwsmom says:

      trump tower

    5. Linda Sproule says:

      OMG ! I love Grandma Eileen, and I adore
      Grandson Mike. This made my day.

    6. Violet says:

      This made me smile…can’t wait till I get the opportunity to speak with Grandma.

    7. JIll says:

      A playground! There’s nothing cuter than old folks and kids chatting!

    8. Janis Totham-Davies says:

      How totally wonderful we need many more wisdoms from amazing Grandmas set up around the globe:~)

    9. Mal says:

      This is so adorable. Older people can be forgotten and you’re celebrating her and your family’s connection to her. Thanks for adding some joy to so many people. Your grandma is a very wise woman. I love her.

    10. Lisa says:

      Amazing! Bring her down to Verdi Park at the 72nd Street subway station. We need some wisdom down here!

    11. Westside_Mimi says:

      So utterly charming! Eileen is a gem!

    12. Wendy says:

      That reminds me of : the Lutheran pastor in Manhattan, N.Y.C. with a booth; the couple with the sign ,something like : Talk to me….Hmmm, what new signage for me ? Have known of some other centenarians. Someone did a study of the health of the very very old folk; maybe, mainly Caucasians in U.S.A… [Too many folk in a certain slum, show me how NOT to behave…]