Morning Bulletin: Man Survives Tumble Onto Tracks, Imagining A Central Park Golf Course

Photo by Barbara Peck on 110th and Broadway, taken Saturday night. It’s not clear what made the traffic light fall, but it continued to show red, yellow and green signals.

October 9, 2017 Weather: Rainy with a high of 74 degrees.

‘The Politics of Opera’ and more local events are on our calendar.

There’s a special needs school fair at the JCC on October 24. More here.

PS 165, located on 109th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam tells us it is still accepting and enrolling students in all of its kindergarten programs.

Gray Matters is a not for profit group offering free consulting services to NYC based not-for profits seeking assistance with a wide range of needs including strategic and operational matters, financial reporting, fund raising, long range planning, board development and other issues that can be discussed.  One can learn more about Gray Matters on its website,

A man fell onto the tracks at 96th Street on Friday and appeared to get hit by a C train. “The man, 56, fell onto the northbound tracks of the B/C train at about 2:44 p.m. just as the train was approaching the station, witnesses said. He landed in the track well, and the train ran over him, but he was not struck. Witnesses in the station said they thought the man was dead until he started yelling for help.”

Two finance bros say they want to turn Central Park into two golf courses, just as Olmstead and Vaux secretly always wanted. “At 843 acres, Central Park is more than enough land for two golf courses. But as an oasis for New York residents to jog, bike, row, picnic and more, the idea of fitting golf alongside these pastimes has never garnered widespread public support. This is the story of two Manhattan-based financiers looking to change that.” Watch the video posted below and keep your eyes peeled for a brief Mike Bloomberg cameo.

After an architectural competition, the three peacocks that live on the grounds of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine now have a new home, or “hutch”. “‘We were given basic parameters,’ said Ryan Lewandowski, one of the winners. ‘My design focused on referencing the cathedral architecture. The other design focused on functional aspects — how you clean it out.’ The tubular frame ‘allows adaptability for where you place perches,’ he said.”

A local kid grew up, went to work for MIT, and won the Nobel Prize. “Rainer Weiss ’55, PhD ’62, professor emeritus of physics at MIT, has won the Nobel Prize in physics for 2017…The young family fled to Prague and then emigrated to New York City, where Weiss grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, cultivating a love for classical music and electronics, and making a hobby of repairing radios.” Stay in school kids!

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    1. Erica says:

      Are you kidding re: golf? Ridiculous. And I play!

    2. ursus arctos says:

      Of course they are finance bros.

      Who else would consider this to be a good idea?

    3. Rob G. says:

      LOL on the Manhattan Links video!

    4. Helane says:

      If you look at the video, it clearly is a joke.

    5. Cat says:

      LOL @ ‘trees become more fairway!’

    6. Sheeples says:

      you’ve been spoofed…

    7. Hands Off Central Park !! says:

      Re: “turn Central Park into two golf courses,”

      According to the video, NYC has 112,000 golfers (as ’tis said, “figures lie and liars figure”) but Manhattan has no golf course.

      Awrrrrr! But, guess what, dear clue-less finance bros, you may have heard of the “Outer Boroughs”, and they’re the answer to your problem:
      1. Da Bronx HAS FOUR GOLF COURSES,
      2. Queens also has FOUR,
      3. Brooklyn has TWO,
      4. and even “The Vile Isle” (Trump-supporting Staten Island) has THREE.

      Google (yes, it has become a verb) golf courses in NYC to get full details. And then, since riding the subway is probably beneath your self-perceived image, you can Uber (not yet a verb, but should be) to any of them.

    8. jezbel says:

      This belongs at the Onion. Of course it’s a joke, “golf during the day and picnics all night”? Shocked that anyone could take this POS seriously.

    9. Leslie Mills says:

      Hedge fund managers and other elitists may approve, but I don’t! Central Park is a great treasure and doesn’t need a golf course. They’d remove mature specimen trees and playgrounds? I agree with Bloomberg,it’s nuts.

    10. Gina says:

      The last thing Central Park needs is a golf course! NYC
      already has enough public golf courses, go play one of them!

    11. jan levy says:

      Is this another Trump inspiration?????

    12. maria s. says:

      Guys, the golf course is a joke!

    13. Ken J. says:

      It sounds like a Trump idea.

    14. robert says:

      Although the idea of the 2 golf course is loony tunes, tell UWSers that’s it the new Cristope (I know bad, spelling) exhibit and folks will flock to support it. Remember the orange sheets he put up all over CP a few years back?

    15. June Quarfordt says:

      This idea is AWFUL!!! I will not EVER vote for or help fund this insane project! Moreover, I will lay down my body on the green in protest.

    16. Jodie says:

      Golf course – NoNo No!!!!!!!!!
      What a hideous idea at best!

    17. WeirdThatWay says:

      Er, this is pure spoof. And not a particularly funny one, either.

    18. chrigid says:

      not funny.

    19. arlene mehlman says:

      Central Park is one of the treasures of the world and, in particular, NYC. There are golf courses available to ny residents. Possibly providing better transportation to reach them might work. There are 13 golf courses within the 5 boros and many accessible in NJ.
      I am a golfer. I hope this is a joke. Is big money or financial pacs going to make central park a golf course? More than ever we need to preserve environments that nurture our mind, body and spirit.

    20. Tim says:

      Their “Manhattan Links”(fake company) offices are Golf Digest’s offices. This is a not-so elaborate hoax to try to get media attention for some reason. I hope the WSR didn’t actually think was a valid story. 🙂

    21. Paul Of NYC says:

      This is a joke-right?

    22. Smithe says:

      So many of the responses to the golf video just illustrate how many people comment on headlines alone without reading the post, getting the context, or making a reasonable and informed thought about the subject. This, my friends, is how our current president was elected!

      • Woody says:

        And Obama wasn’t elected for the same reason or just the fact that he was black? Voters are superficial and uninformed on all sides of an issue.

        • Smithe says:

          I concur but since Obama isn’t president anymore he isn’t relevant to my comment. Nice try though 😉