Silver Stars Fitness: Are You Over 50 and Want to Get Fit But Are Pressed For Time? Sign Up for Our New 30-Minute Total Body Circuit Class!


By Jason Greenspan

Are you training only once a week or pressed for time and want to get fit? Sign up for our new 30 minute express class an improve balance, core stability, upper & lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance & flexibility.

Silver Stars express circuit class is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to improve your overall fitness level.

Class description: Move from one station to the next with a limited break.

Stations include:

Upper & lower body strength
Cardiovascular endurance

Classes will start the week of October 16th and are offered on:

Tuesday 12-1230pm
Wednesday 10:30-11am
Thursday 10-1030am
Friday 1230pm at west 72nd street location.
Saturday 1245pm

Cost: $175.00 per five weeks/sessions ( half the cost of 30 minute private training sessions)

Four-person maximum so class is limited. Classes are forming now!

To register: Call or email to sign up for day/time of preference. See contact information at the bottom of this post.

This is a five-week commitment with no make-ups. although in the event you can’t attend your scheduled class, if there is room in another class, you will be allowed one make-up.

We have all heard the expression “lose it or lose it”, but this is particularly true if you are over the age of 50.

After the age of  thirty we start to lose muscle tissue, but after the age of 50 the rate of muscle loss accelerates. This could be prevented or at least the rate of muscle tissue lost could be slowed down if you participate in a regular strength-training program.

Maintaining and increasing strength is really the most important aspect of fitness, as it will also help improve your balance, posture, mobility, increase bone mass, help with arthritis, help to prevent aches, pains or injury and of course, allow you to lead a high quality of life as the years progress. Without strength, everything suffers.

The first step to prevent muscle loss is to begin a regular exercise program that incorporates a strength-training component. The exercises should make sense for your specific goals, fitness level and medical history and should be done in a sound progression. The goal is to challenge yourself, but not to the point of pain or where proper form is sacrificed.

Call or email us to set up a free consultation to learn more about how to increase your strength or to register for our new classes.

Silver Stars Fitness main location
850 7th Avenue (West 54/55 st)
PH: 646-573-9724

Affiliate Location
West 72nd Street (Between West End and Riverside Drive)
No walk-ins – hours available to train: Wed/Friday after 4pm. Weekends- 9-7 pm.

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