Car Fire on Central Park West Shoots Flames Into the Air

Photo by Eric Rose.

A car’s engine caught fire, causing the vehicle to burst into flames on Friday morning on Central Park West between 108th and 109th Streets.

Gregg Mason, who was walking his dogs around 8:30 a.m. when he saw the fire start.

“A sedan (don’t know the make or model) double parked at a hydrant in front of 485 Central Park West.  A small amount of smoke was coming from under the hood and the driver safely exited the car and opened the hood revealing an engine fire.  The fire quickly grew and within 10 minutes the entire car was engulfed in flame, producing thick billows of black smoke.  The police were soon on the scene, keeping pedestrians away from the car and blocking traffic on CPW.  The firefighters arrived shortly thereafter and quickly extinguished the fire. There did not appear to be any injuries or additional damage.”

The fire could be seen from Central Park and from several blocks away on CPW.

Photo by Kathryn Oblad.

Photo by Daren.

Photo by Katie McCollom.

Photo by Eric Rose.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and tips.

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    1. Adam Cherson says:

      Interesting that the tires didn’t burn.

    2. Steve in Manhattan says:

      2015-2017 Camry – wheels, location of fuel filler cap, rear lights. Signed, a Petrolhead.