A man died Saturday night after he drove off the West Side Highway around 96th Street and slammed into a tree.

The man, 68-year-old New Yorker Jose Ramon Cruz, was driving south in a Lincoln Navigator around 7:30 p.m. when another driver changed lanes, causing Cruz to swerve off the highway into a tree, according to police. Cruz was pronounced dead at Mt. Sinai Hospital West. No arrests were made, but police are continuing to investigate.

File photo.

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    1. Omg says:

      We saw it

    2. wombatNYC says:

      not sure of the circumstances. I will say that people drive like idiots on the WSH. They think it’s the autobahn instead of basically a slightly faster route without traffic lights that should be limited to 40 miles per hour

    3. Wendy says:

      We drove on the WSH Sun night after being away a week. Lots of speeding, reckless lane changing etc is always happening on that highway. I’m always shocked at the crazy, speeding, weaving drivers tailgating other cars going at a more reasonable speed. And it looks like it’s private cars, not vans, taxis, etc. There’s just not a lot of room there for any errors. Wish the police would do more policing there.

      • Susan says:

        I agree. I never see anyone pulled over for the crazy driving—almost always young men—which I’m sure causes plenty of fender benders.

      • joe says:

        We saw the wreck Sat night — it was devastating and tragic. The problem with the WSH is most acute north of 79th street, particularly Southbound just south of the GWB where lanes merge coming from the bridge and Cross Bronx. Drivers should really be careful on that stretch at night.

    4. Alan says:

      On Sunday night headed back to the city we saw three motorcycles traveling in and out of traffic heading south on the WSH at well above 100 mph.

      A few well placed cameras on the WSH can record, fine and punish some of these serial offenders who endanger us all.

    5. BW says:

      And what happened to the guy who changed lanes and caused Jose to crash?

    6. Kaki says:

      I hope they can find/arrest the person that caused him to swerve.

    7. Ellie Steinman says:

      We were about 2 miles behind the terrible crash but didn’t see anything leading up to it. But I agree with others about that part of the WSH being awful with many speeding and weaving vehicles. I am always nervous on that road!!