Photo by Harrison Gross.

The fish shown above was seen in the Hudson River near 96th Street on Tuesday morning. It appears to be a sturgeon, a fish that’s been making a comeback in the river in recent years and is considered an iconic symbol of the Hudson River. The Atlantic sturgeon is an endangered species.

Elise, who sent in the photo below, said the fish was at least six feet long. “Quite surreal to see such a big fish in our waters.”

Environmentalists have raised alarms because sturgeon have been dying prematurely. Normally sturgeon spend time in estuaries like the Hudson for the first few years of their lives before traveling out to the ocean.

One theory is that they’ve been getting killed by vessels in the Hudson, and the death rate appears to have spiked as ocean traffic rose during the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

We posted a photo of a sturgeon (which we first thought was a pike) a few years ago.

Photo by Harrison Gross.

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    1. Christina says:

      Either a new species or a Mutant Fish, it is in the Hudson by the City after all!

    2. Paul RL says:

      Barney Greengrass and Murray are racing to the Hudson River with nets in hand right now

    3. scooterstan says:

      something smells….errr…..fishy here


    4. Jessica says:

      Just saw another one floating on 86th tonight around 8pm. Had to be at least 6′!

    5. Sharon says:

      Another potential explanation for the endangerment to these fish (and a source of food) is the considerable pollution caused by radioactive leaks from the Indian Point nuclear power plant. For more information, contact

    6. Mark Moore says:

      I saw a documentary about Sturgeon fishing in the Niagara River. Those things are 12-feet long and eat meat. To catch them people were using giant homemade slingshots to shoot pieces of raw chicken on huge hooks out into the middle of the rapids.

    7. Lauren says:

      It is now dead and stuck between a piling and A dock north west corner.
      79th street marina.