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Photo of a Trader Joe’s in a more tropical locale by Joshua Barash.

Trader Joe’s is planning to open its second Upper West Side store at 670 Columbus Avenue on 93rd Street later this year, the company confirmed in a post on its website Thursday.

“Our Crew is working hard so we can open our doors in late 2017. We’ll continue to post new details about the store and its opening here, so please check back for updates.”

columbus retail
The location of the coming Trader Joe’s. File photo.

The company’s other local store is on 72nd and Broadway.

Although the lease-signing had previously been reported, we’d been hearing some anxiety that maybe the store wouldn’t really open. The company is notoriously close-lipped about its openings.

Construction of the new store has not been without its headaches.

(West Side Rag first reported the possible opening way back in 2014.)

See more Upper West Side openings and closings here.

Thanks to Philip and Jessica for the tips.

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    1. Gail says:

      Can’t wait!

    2. Stephanie says:

      Fantastic! Interesting how close to the Whole Foods! I wonder how that will impact WF.

      • Kenneth says:

        Not at all.
        Two different target markets. .

        • Mark Moore says:

          Sorry but I have to disagree. I live between the two locations — if there’s anything I can get at TJ instead of WF I will. Why buy anything at WH for $9.99/lb when it’s at TJ for $5.99? And there’s lots of overlapping inventory between the two stores unless you have to have top shelf stuff.

          • Helen says:

            ttly agree with you. I like WF, but not their prices. for the everyday stuff like milk,bread,eggs…etc, i will buy at TJ. For any specialty items, i may browse around in WF. but you can’t beat TJ’s prices. Wish WF prices weren’t so high. just not worth it.

    3. Gausal says:

      Excited to hear this. WF is too pricey. And TJ at 72 has terrible lines.

    4. UWSHebrew says:

      Gristede’s will go bye bye.

    5. Meatball's wife says:

      I’m so ridiculously excited about this!

    6. Rwc 10025 says:

      I love shopping at Trader Joe’s but no one who lives on or near Columbus avenue wants them here .Another Corporate chain turning a residential part of Columbus avenue neighborhood into a nightmare of traffic and pedestrian overcrowding. The loading dock is built next to a brand-new school for autistic children and the block is choked with school buses.

      I hope the department of transportation gets involved and changes the parking along Columbus Avenue in both sides to no stopping or standing. It’s
      already a traffic jammed nightmare this area.

      • Jay says:

        I live on Columbus Avenue very close to this TJs and I can’t wait for it to open. I know all of my neighbors are very excited as well. Sorry that you are upset about new jobs and new business for our neighborhood. I know you are in the minority, though.

      • Courtney says:

        I live on 90th between Columbus and CPW and I’m excited for this opening. We need more grocery options in this area. The Dag on 91st has terrible selection and was close to closing at one point. Can’t wait for TJs at 93rd.

      • Dan Hogan says:

        So you would feel better if Trader Joes was a limited partnership instead of a corporation? Let’s just ban all retail stores from the UWS. We don’t need the traffic they create. How ridiculous…

      • Woody says:

        I hope the DOT designates enough parking spots for waaahmbulances, too.

      • Michele says:

        The 72nd st location gets the vast majority, if not all, of its deliveries at night, around 8:30 pm. No disruption to the neighborhood or traffic. Maybe the will use the same schedule uptown.

        • js says:

          Actually the TJ’s on 72nd Strret had impacted traffic and transportation – in significant ways IMO.
          First the bus stop for the M104 and M5 used to be the same on Broadway 72-71st (allowing riders a choice of bus) – but due to TJ opening in 2009, the M5 bus stop was moved around the corner on 72 West of Broadway.
          Second – there is now a steady stream of Uber’s and cars on Broadway picking up TJ shoppers – and blocking the bus stop (kind of ironic to see so many people spending money on Uber) and blocking traffic generally.
          Third the TJ trucks also unload during the day.
          Fourth TJ is a “destination” store so many more people coming to area for TJ

    7. your neighbor says:

      The people in that neighborhood are ridiculous.
      Trader Joe’s comes in, puts up a store right by a school. Store is going to be packed with people, taxis and ubers going to be constantly dropping off and picking up, dozens of tractor trailers and other deliveries 6-7 days a week. And everybody says THIS IS GREAT>

      Hebrew Home and Hospital wants to build an elder care facility 3 blocks away and the neighborhood comes out in force with lawsuits and using every political connection available screaming THINK OF THE CHILDREN because of a little extra traffic on an extra wide street near a school.

    8. TONI says:

      Desperately need TJ in midtown east. Have shopped in all NYC TJ stores for years. All stores in my neighborhood way too expensive.

      • B.B. says:

        There is a brand new Trader Joe’s on Third Avenue and East 32nd. Space was formerly a DAG supermarket but TJ’s has been there for several months now.

    9. Juan says:

      I am very excited for this. Hopefully it will dilute some of the traffic at the other UWS location. That location is at a busier intersection and as far as I know, there have not been major issues with their trucks, so I don’t see why it would be an issue here.

      In the meantime, I need to figure out how to profit off all the people who will be waiting in line to get in when it opens…

    10. 92nd Street says:

      So long Mani’s
      You cannot compete with Generic Giants

    11. Loray says:

      Looking Forward To ItπŸ‘

    12. Sarah says:

      Thank goodness! This means no more having to deal with the savage animals down at W. 72d. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I wouldn’t mind never setting foot in there again.

    13. Joy Gertner says:

      Some facts folks: calm down complainers. Quit being so spoiled. Next thing: Dags is now funded by Castamitidies(Gristedies owner) excuse my spelling pls. Honestly though any G or Day will go out of business once TJ comes in.

    14. PNK says:

      I am excited! I’m at 96th and West End this will be fantastic! Have been to the other and its layout and lines need some improvement πŸ™‚ plus it’s just farther. Anyway, it will be great. And yes it is a slightly dif market than WF. Life is good – I’m in!

    15. Mark Moork says:

      People are concerned it’s not opening? If you go by there there’s definitely something being constructed.

    16. Kristen says:

      Awesome! In related news, WSR- can you work to get an update on the H Mart going in on 110 and Bway?

    17. Kevin McLaughlin says:

      Forget about Whole Foods and D’Agostino, I’m more concerned about how this affects Mani’s.