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The man shown in a surveillance image above is wanted for a robbery on West End Avenue early on the morning of March 21.

Police say the man pulled a gun inside 704 West End Avenue between 94th and 95th Street and told the victim to “Give me your money.” He then forced the victim to go to the ATM and remove $300. The perpetrator then fled North on Broadway. The perp is described as a 23-year-old black man, about 5’8″ and 165 pounds. Read more about the incident in the Wanted poster below.

wanted gunpoint


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    1. Jean says:

      Now what would happen if the victim didn’t use an ATM?
      I dont.
      I have no reason too. Would this A HOLE have shot him?

    2. Ben David says:

      If the police see this guy walking on West End Ave, they will not stop him. Why? No more stop,question,frisk! Sure they could, but he is described as a “black male,” and that means lawsuits will follow, Thank you, Mayor de Blasio, for taking us back to the dangerous days of New York City.

      • Sarah says:

        You don’t need “stop and frisk” authority to stop someone closely resembling the perpetrator of a crime. But keep on with the fervid fantasies.

        2 am mugging in your own vestibule (apparently)…that is scary. Glad the victim didn’t get hurt!

      • Sid says:

        That’s not how stop and frisk works.

      • Mark says:

        Ben David – I know facts are scary but don’t worry!
        You can do it!
        Go ahead and embrace reality.

      • Old Judge says:

        Note that the wanted poster says ‘probable cause to arrest.’ Of course, if it is not the right person, he will claim that his rights have been abrogated.

    3. Mal says:

      Have you ever been stopped and frisked?

    4. Bruce Bernstein says:

      just to be clear:

      the police have the right to stop and frisk someone when they have reasonable suspicion. this is not what was ended. this continues to happen all the time.

      what was ended was the RACIAL PROFILING version of “stop and frisk.” Under Bloomberg, hundreds of thousands of “stop and frisks” were performed for no reason other than the person was a Black or Hispanic male. Almost every Black and Hispanic male in the city under the age of 50 or so had the experience of being stopped and frisked multiple times, for no reason.

      this racial profiling was declared unconstitutional in court and ended by the NYPD.

      it is absolutely ludicrous, and in fact racist, to claim that when an African American male matches a crime description and an actual photo, he cannot be “stopped and frisked.”

      • Ben David says:

        Bruce Robinson. This is UNTRUE. I can’t tell if you know it is not true, but it is. I am connected to real cops who patrol real streets in Manhattan. Listen to them, not The New York Times.

        • Mark says:

          Epic fail for Ben David.
          i work with cops. Many of them.
          But keep making up stuff to promote your fantastic view of reality.
          Or, accept that facts matter even when they contradict your emotions.

          • Ben David says:

            “Mark,” you can argue about philosophy and opinion behind stop, question, frisk. But when it comes to facts, you are wrong. Speak to the cops walking the beat in NYC: they will NOT stop and question unless a weapon is in OPEN view. It’s just not worth the lawsuit, the complaint to the CCRB, and the lack of support from the de Blasio administration. This technique worked to get guns and drugs off the streets. You can spin the numbers, as the NYPD has been forced to do, but if you see a white person, or a black person, with a big bulge under their shirt in the outline of a firearm — you and your family should WISH they were stopped, questioned, and frisked. Now, the will not be. Congratulations!

            • Mark says:

              Ben David – I can assure you I speak to more cops in a week than you have met in your life.
              Facts are facts. Deal with it.

      • Zeus says:

        For years you have been writing that all the folks who say stop and frisk was a good thing are wrong, because it has not stopped.
        Well, it has stopped, as it was before mayor BdB came into office.
        I don’t wish on anyone to be a victim of a crime, but have you been the one who got mugged in this case, I think maybe, just maybe, you’d see things a bit differently.
        Stop and frisk was a positive thing.
        I was stopped a few times in the past.
        Asked a few questions, politely, and let go.
        And, I am a white male in my 50’s.

    5. Pamela says:

      How do they know he’s 23?

    6. Bruce Bernstein says:

      below is a link to the actual current NYPD procedure on “stop and frisk”. here is when a “stop” can take place:


      i urge people to actually read the memo.

      it is a source of shame that some members of the Upper West Side community want to bring back NYPD racial profiling, which in fact is similar in substance and form to policing in the old Jim Crow South. racial profiling is government-sponsored racism, pure and simple.

      further, the advocates of racial profiling have been proven wrong. they predicted, when it was stopped (by Bloomberg, because of the court case, not be De Blasio), that crime would skyrocket. In fact, NYC remains amazingly safe, crime has continued to go down, and the UWS in particular is even safer than the city as a whole. You would think some of them might appreciate this.

      the NYPD memo:


      • Mark says:

        Bruce – you can’t expect facts and information to play well with the fear-and-emotion crowd.
        Thanks for posting the link.

      • Ben David says:

        I doubt you talk to more cops than I do. But who knows? Maybe this is Jimmy O’Neil. You can post all the directives and manuals that you want, but you are wrong. And the FACTS support that you are wrong. The average cop will not do a stop, question, frisk any longer, unless a weapon is in open view. Fact. Supported by statistics.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          the suspect above is clearly identified through a photo. If a cop sees someone who matches that description and DOES NOT stop and question him, the cop in fact is not doing his job, and is not qualified to be a police officer.

          now, is it your contention that “the average cop” does not do his job?

          i haven’t taken a poll, but i have a hard time believing that.

        • Mark says:

          So Ben David – since you claim to have the facts – show your hand.
          Please cite evidence for your “facts”.
          Don’t worry, we can wait.

          • Ben David says:

            Bruce, the average cop is devoted, dedicated, brave, AND yet terrified of de Blasio, Melissa Mark-Viverito, and others who promote a pro-crime agenda so that political correctness comes before citizen safety. The average cop knows that no one has their back (other than PBA), if their stop, question, frisk is challenged. The average cop fears the CRB is one-sided and filled with hate for law enforcement. If you spoke to cops, but really spoke to them, you would know this.
            Mark,Done! With pleasure! It is time that we paid attention to facts, NOT the spin that the mayor is putting out there. Thank you.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              Ben David,

              So it is your assertion that the “average NYC cop”, if they see a man matching the suspect’s photo on the street, will DO NOTHING?

              i hope you realize that, while you think you are insulting De Blasio, you are actually insulting the police force. You are accusing them of being unprofessional and not caring about their jobs.

              in fact, there might be a small number of cops who would behave as unprofessionally as you say. But that number is very small, and they shouldn’t be on the force. the vast majority of NYPD officers, like the vast majority of all city employees, are dedicated to doing their jobs well.

            • Mark says:

              I just realized the problem – Ben David doesn’t actually know what the word “fact” means.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              you’re right. he has no idea what a fact is, apparently.