By Ernie Fritz

Local artist Greg Powell, who usually works with a camera or a paintbrush, found a new medium last week: snow.

This most recent storm was particularly good for building a snow hut, because the top layer had melted during the day and then re-froze during the night. It had exactly the right density to make stable blocks of snow that could be stacked to form walls.

Powell said he has not built a snow house “in a long time.” He explained that he used an 8-inch kitchen knife to cut blocks out of the snow.


“I just put the roof on today. I was going to do it entirely of snow, but the weather didn’t hold out,” he said, as the temperature reached into the mid 40’s along the river. “Right now, it’s pretty cold inside (the structure), but if it were a roaring blizzard, and you’re in there with two people, you would be able to take your coat off …. but on a day like today, who wants to be inside.”

Despite it’s fairly visible location around 89th street and the Hudson River Greenway, “No park rangers stopped by. They’ve been by in their little four-wheelers, but nobody got out and stopped”

The snow hut will remain on display along the river as weather permits.


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    1. Dan I says:

      Great job!……Bet ya felt like a youngster all over again.

    2. Independent says:

      Anyone wanting to go see it better hurry-up… before it melts or is vandalized.

    3. Wendy says:

      Lent, for some folk. Previously, heard something @ actual building of an Igloo. Furthermore, a guy showed me a photo, [on his cellphone ?], of a mound of Snow — which had a part dug out of it. Many citizens in N.Y.C., deserve better….