Pedro Rodriguez

It’s Pedro Rodriguez’s last day as a doorman at 10 West 74th Street, and he tells resident Carol Colitti Levine
that he’ll miss the job.

“He started in 1975 and says that for all those years he has loved the tenants in the building who “although not rich or famous are hard working nice people”.  He will especially miss the kids.

My husband and I moved from Massachusetts to the building last year. Pedro’s smile welcomed us as we arrived and since then every day. We will miss him.

We saluted another retiring doorman a few weeks ago.

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    1. josh says:

      1-BRs rent for over $4,000, and 3-BRs for nearly $10K a month. Maybe “not rich” by CPW standards, but plenty comfortable…

      Good to see someone who enjoyed their job!

    2. Raquel Rodriguez says:

      That’s my dad 😆😊

    3. Joan says:

      God Bless and many happy and healthy years in your retirement!

    4. Margaret says:

      Doormen are such an important part of city living. They welcome us home , they lighten our loads,they befriend our children and pets. To all the good doormen, thank you for what you add to our buildings. Raquel your dad will be missed 🙂

    5. Chris says:

      Hail fellow well met!

    6. Charles Klein says:

      I lived in that building from 1970 through 1991. I remember when Pedro first came on the job. He was always helpful and friendly. Congratulations on your retirement, Pedro, and enjoy what I hope will be a long rest of your life.

    7. Marilyn Schiffmann says:

      Hope you have a long wonderful life. Doormen are the heart and soul of apartment life dwelling.

    8. Matt, Kristen, Vivien and Gunnar says:

      Pedro is the best – hands down. Congrats on a job well done and all the best for a wonderful retirement!