Upper West Siders send us some outstanding photos and we’d like to showcase a few recent ones.

mist riverside
Morning mist in Riverside Park. Photo by Elaine Ronson.

“Construction Jazz”. Photo by Ari Mintz.

A squirrel in Riverside Park. Photo by Carol Forman.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Thanks for the photos, especiall of Riverside Park, my fav!

    2. james says:

      Congratulations, Ari Mintz, on your gorgeous photograph. Exceptional.

    3. Christoffer says:

      Has anybody heard about dogs being poisoned in riverside park these last two weeks. Met this lady north of the boat basin who was feeding birds while I was walking by with my dogs. She mentioned that I should be on the lookout because somebody has been putting out poison in the park. According to her two dogs had gotten sick and a third accualy passed away.

      • Steen says:

        I walk my dogs in Riverside Park all the time and had not heard this. I think she *might* be worrying enough about something that she’s made it a reality in her head.

        • lynn says:

          It’s happened before, several dogs died in Riverside Park a few years ago and it wasn’t from the parks dept/rat poison. Why do you assume it’s all in her head?

        • Scottie says:

          I too find it interesting that if one person heard of something and you haven’t heard of it, your conclusion is it’s all in her head.

    4. swtcurran says:

      Fantastic photograph Ari MIntz!

    5. SkierAnne says:

      i was walking around RIVERSIDE BLVD below 68th street and the area is being dug up so it can be developed into play areas, volleyball courts, etc (it’s part of riverside park south) – there was a notice about it being treated with chemicals and to keep dogs away – maybe this area is part of the current problem ???

    6. Dg says:

      Great photo, Ari