gilbert missing5

Police sent out the following notice at 2 a.m. Sunday morning:

“A Silver Alert has been issued for Debreh Gilbert, a 63-year-old white female from West 109th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

UPDATE, 1/18/17: She was found at St. Barnabas Hospital.

Description: 5’3″ tall, 130lbs, with a medium build, light complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing a dark red hat, a black Harley Davidson jacket, blue jeans and black suede boots.

Last Seen: Broadway and West 110th Street in Manhattan at approximately 4:55 PM on 1/14.”


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    1. lynn says:

      I get these alerts on my cell several times a day, every day. I just don’t understand how so many people disappear in such populated areas, and if they’re incapacitated how they’re able to get so far away from home on their own. I hope she’s found soon.

    2. Arthur says:

      She is more like 4’11”

    3. Phoebe says:

      Actually, it is easier to “disappear” in heavily populated areas, and she did not get so far–between where she started and where last seen. Hmmm

      • lynn says:

        Yes, but she either walked away to another location unnoticed or possibly got into a car/taxi, or on the subway and didn’t know where she was when she got out. Despite all of the alerts sent out, I’ve never received an update showing that anyone was found, (unless it was an Amber Alert).

        • schlotsky says:

          Yes, that is why I unsubscribed from the silver alerts. Seems like nobody ever gets found.
          If they are found, they should cancel just like the amber alerts.

    4. lynn says:

      It was on the news last night, she still hasn’t been found and she has Alzheimer’s. I just think it’s horrifying that we’re so used to seeing the homeless on the street that multitudes of people could walk by this woman and not even notice her. I just hope she’s safe inside somewhere.