Photo by John Friedlander on West 109th Street.

December 19, 2016 Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high of 32 degrees.

A free concert with Joey Arias and many more local events are on our calendar.

The PTA of Booker T Washington, MS 54, is offering its annual Winter Tutor Fair in the gym at the school at 103 West 108th Street on January 10 from 7 till 9 p.m.. Free to all District 3 families and others.

UWS photographer extraordinaire Scott Matthews has started a photo project called “This Makes America Great”. Check it out here.

NYPD launched a new website that allows drivers involved in collisions in New York City to obtain copies of their collision reports electronically and with no fee.

A building on 87th Street was evacuated over the weekend because of possible carbon monoxide emissions, but residents were allowed back in a few hours later. “Eight people were taken out of the building on 344 West 87th Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive around 5:30 Saturday evening.”

The Times looks at some of the neighborhood’s new high-end condos. “Whereas developers elsewhere in the city have responded to the cooling luxury market by offering smaller, less-expensive units, those who manage to snag spots on the Upper West Side have been taking the opposite tack, building larger units with higher-end finishes. Brokers cite the neighborhood’s popularity with families and buyers’ sharpening discernment in a softer market…Both the Chamberlain and 221 West 77th, for example, have half-court basketball courts.”

Protestors outside a recent mayoral town hall meeting in the neighborhood called on the mayor to end cluster-site homeless shelters. “Demonstrators said the cluster sites are needlessly expensive and that a lack of oversight from the city has made them dangerous.”

ProPublica has a nifty new tool that lets you look at how many times landlords attempted to evict people in every building in the city over a two-year period. Look your building up here.

The owner of CorePower Yoga, a Denver-based chain that had planned to come to the UWS, died under suspicious circumstances in California. It’s not clear if this will change the company’s plans.

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    1. west side walking says:

      Re: the item about carbon monoxide is not entirely correct. 1. it affected 2 buildings, 344 & 346 West 87th Street. Not all people were evacuated, because many of the tenants were not at home. 2. Con Edison and fire department were still working on the street since the incident occurred. 3. No landlord nor owner responded to tenants’ several phone calls. 4.

      • Cato says:

        “Not all people were evacuated, because many of the tenants were not at home.”

        This is outrageous. Was any explanation given for why tenants who were not at home were not evacuated?

      • Nathan says:

        You can evacuate a person, but that’s not what you mean. The buildings were evacuated. 😉

    2. Julia says:

      What is a winter tutor fair?

      • Phoebe says:

        When you find out, let me know. I was wondering if people just show up to help or get help or both.

      • Deborah UWS says:

        The Booker T. tutor fair is an opportunity for parents to meet tutors and get information on their services. Many tutors contact the schools and ask to have their information posted; this way parents can meet them in person.

    3. ursus arctos says:

      87th Street was closed at West End again on Tuesday evening, with crews continuing to work on the underground infrastructure in front of the buildings in question.