Ruby Mechant of Les Femmes Fatales.

On most days, the Upper West Side is as sexy as pickled herring (Va-va-voom!) and as scary as the rent on a two-bedroom with a view of the park (Yikes!).

But next week, it will get a whole lot sexy-scarier.

A burlesque show from a group called Les Femmes Fatales is going up on Saturday night at The Triad on 72nd Street, and it will benefit a charity called Pets for Vets, which pairs wounded veterans with shelter dogs.

“Hosted by Hubby L’amour, this sexy and scary-in-a-good-way Halloween-themed burlesque fête stars Italian sensation Bianca Nevius, NYC’s “Baron of Boylesque” Matt Knife, upstate NY’s Chardonnay LaTease, along with local favorites Spiced Cider, Ruby Mechant, Spicy L’amour, Luscious Lane, Unsung Hera and La Rubia Daredoll.”

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Doors open at 9:00 pm and the show begins at 9:30. Tickets: triadnyc.com.


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    1. Lois says:

      Check out the “Pets for Vets” website. The video is a tribute to wounded veterans and a wonderful idea — and dogs!!

    2. Mark says:

      This is what happens in a DeBlasio city.

    3. Mary Jones says:

      This sends the wrong message, insults women

      • Richard says:

        It’s women that are putting the show on, how exactly, does it insult them? They are celebrating themselves and an art form. They are doing something they love. They are doing something that takes practice and skill. Sounds like you are the one insulting them.

    4. Sean says:


    5. Steven Cohen says:

      Burlesque is an art form and self-expression, and it sounds like it’s for a good cause. Don’t go all reactionary right-wing prudish with the comments–this is the UWS, not Utah.

    6. Nelson says:

      And if you like West Side cabaret, tomorrow is closing night of my cabaret show at Dont Tell Mama…with special guest star, Broadway’s Shelly Burch (“9”)….some seats still available! Come on out, neighbors! http://donttellmamanyc.com/shows?task=view_event&event_id=3073

    7. NativeNYer says:

      Through the USO beautiful women have entertained our troops since WWII. Archival footage of Marilyn Monroe shows her strutting around on stage in regulation green with earrings and the troops going wild. Pretty soon, breathing will be offensive to someone and then the show is really over.