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Police used the Find My iPhone app to help them track a man they say sexually assaulted a jogger in Central Park on Monday night around 10:30. The stolen cell phone led them to the Bronx where they arrested 26-year-old Forest Richardson, according to the Daily News.

He is accused of putting the woman in a bear hug as she walked through the park near 110th Street on the East side, then threatening to cut her throat if she screamed. He groped her and pulled down her pants, but “couldn’t perform” and ran off with her phone, police told the News.

Richardson had previously been arrested for other assaults and sex crimes, according to the Daily News. We have an inquiry into the DA’s office to determine which of those arrests have resulted in convictions. In 2014, he was initially charged with rape, assault and unlawful imprisonment, according to the News, but eventually pleaded guilty to third-degree assault.

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    1. ron shapley says:

      Good work NYPD !!

      • Scott says:

        Sadly it will be undone by our justice system, which is run by liberal maniacs who think it’s perfectly reasonable to offer plea deals for recidivist rapists.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      I hope this guy gets locked up for years. 30 prior arrests at the age of 26 means you are a feral animal and you do not belong free in society.

      • UWS minimalist says:

        Gotta agree with you there, if guilty he should be put away long enough to (hopefully) learn a lesson this time.
        Some people just can’t be allowed to mix with the rest of society.

      • B.B. says:

        Sadly this is true, but isn’t the fault of LE or even the court system. Instead blame rest with the NYS governor and legislature.

        Unlike say the federal system NYS uses indeterminate sentencing instead of determinate. Result being vast power is placed with the parole board, and the possibility of convicted criminals gaming the system to be released early. Once out they usually go right back to doing what they were doing and it is “later, rinse and repeat”.

        New York State believes in the “rehabilitation” of convicted criminals thus sees use of indeterminate sentencing as a tool to promote. That is if a convict is sentenced to 5-15 years he/she knows if they play their cards right their sentence will be at the lower end.

        For a while it seemed as various “three strikes” laws would put an end to this revolving door of criminals. But various legal rulings including from the SCOTUS (IIRC) have all but gutted such laws.

    3. dannyboy says:

      Jimbo, stand down.

      you can go back to the doobie-thing.

    4. Jen says:

      “Richardson has numerous prior arrests, including busts for rape in 2013 and 2014, officials said”
      So he had been arrested for rape 2 and 3 years ago and is out. Why would he be put in jail this time? The system is broken, judges and DAs are bored with cases that don’t make their career. He will be out again.

    5. Jimbo says:

      HANG HIM HIGH………………..perps like this will ALWAYS be preds……..

    6. Sarah says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they caught him (and wonder if he was involved in any of the other recent CP assaults?), but it’s funny to read NYPD calling themselves “Truly the greatest Detectives in the World!” off the arrest of someone when they literally just had to use Find my iPhone to find him.

      • B.B. says:

        Anyone who owns an iPhone or other similar devices needs to have one of those locator apps. Time and time again they have proven quite useful in tracking down stolen phones, tablets, and so forth.

        This time it was the perp (who obviously wasn’t very bright to keep the thing), who had the phone. Often you find the thing has been fenced and or already sold via CL, eBay or other transactions.

        • Sarah says:

          Yes, obviously I don’t want to make light of a situation that was legitimately terrifying for the woman involved, but this guy was the least competent would-be rapist imaginable. He’s lucky he didn’t go after the woman who head-butted and bit her attacker a few months ago; she probably would’ve put him in the hospital.

    7. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      I would say that this individual has earned the right to subsidized housing for life–in the form of prison.

      • B.B. says:

        Nice but likely won’t happen.

        This is how things usually go…

        Most all criminal cases in NYC are plea bargained down one or maybe two levels. This is unless the DA feels they have an airtight case and can thus “lean” on the accused to take the plea. Otherwise should they go to trail and win the state will press for maximum sentence.

        As noted above the suspect has committed serious crimes before, and pleaded guilty to lesser offenses.

        Sad truth is that if every criminal defendant in NYC (or NYS for that matter) demanded a trail the criminal justice system would grind to a halt. Everyone involved with LE, courts, DA offices and so forth knows this.

        Plea bargaining is so common whenever the question of a criminal record comes up(say for a background check), those in the know look not only at convictions, but the underlying charges. If you notice now the media doesn’t even always mention convictions but goes with arrest record.

    8. Howard Freeman says:

      Daily News article reported also that he pled down on charges after holding a girl for 15 DAYS AGAINST HER WILL IN HIS APARTMENT. He is one very sick individual. He cannot be allowed out for a long, long, long time.