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A 26-year-old man was arrested on Saturday for allegedly raping a woman in Riverside Park around 70th Street.

Police said that the man, Anthony Camilo of the Bronx, met the woman on Friday night on an F train heading to Brooklyn. He told her his friend could give her a ride to Brooklyn but they had to meet in Riverside Park. “Once inside the park, the suspect placed his hands around the victim’s neck, choked her and forced her to the ground, where he then raped her. The victim screamed for help, and the suspect fled from the location, before being apprehended by responding officers.”

Police got the call at 12:20 a.m. Saturday and canvassed the park for the man. They caught Camilo inside the park at 72nd Street. He was charged with rape, strangulation and two counts of sexually motivated assault.

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    1. dannyboy says:


    2. Christine E says:

      Thank you NYPD!

      Still puzzled how/why the victim got off the Brooklyn-bound F train – by the time you leave the train and get to Riverside Park and 70th Street, you would already have arrived in Brooklyn.

    3. UWSHebrew says:

      Animal. Needs to be castrated.

    4. dannyboi says:

      Glad he’s caught. Fry the bastard

    5. UWSer says:

      NYPD is the best! The young lady is lucky to be alive. The take-away is also ladies, please do not get off a train with a complete stranger and go into the park with them at midnight. Be cautious.

      • Independent says:

        I’ve always been taught not to enter or remain in any park after dark. Period.

        Small parks of the like of Strauss Park may or may not be an exception.

        • Cat@lynn says:

          I don’t think it has anything to do with the park. Something is seriously wrong when a young woman leaves a train with a stranger and goes anywhere alone with him. Do people get mugged and raped coming out of the park after the Shakespeare performances? This was a terrible set of circumstances, and I wonder if this young woman might have known the assailant as a friend of a friend, or maybe even from social media. I just hate to think in this day and age that women still haven’t learned anything about protecting themselves. She was on a train to a destination and there was no reason to get off that train. I hope she gets some counseling and recovers from this.

          • zeus says:

            Agree 100%. Something is not right with the story line, or the woman is not all there.

          • Independent says:

            I did not mean to suggest that the reported incident was somehow peculiar to being in the park at night, per se`. I was merely replying to the specific, “and go into the park with them at midnight” part of a previous post. My point was simply that I believe it is best, as a general rule with perhaps some measured exceptions, to avoid all parks after dark.

    6. Jeff Segall says:

      Terrible that it happened. So glad the police apprehended the assailant. Hope he’s not released on bond to continue his criminal behavior.

    7. Luis Ayala says:

      He is a straight up pig and for you ladies if you don’t know the person by name or by any information then don’t go with them because Friday night is hog night and Saturday is perverted even more so be careful and start walking with a can of pepper spray because what it will work is your aim not his penis but his burning eyes trying to see…

    8. ellen says:

      Castrate him, then strangle, then put in prison with other rapists