bodega 88-2

A new tapas spot and a whoopie pie store just opened, and several other new businesses are opening soon.

Bodega 88, a Latin bar and restaurant run by the team behind Calle Ocho, has opened at 573 Columbus at 88th Street. They’re serving tapas and cocktails. “Everything is small bites – I had pulled pork tacos, chicken empanadas, and chicken lollipops,” Dawn tells us. “Also had several pomegranate mojitos.” It was once a bodega. Thanks to Dawn and Connie for the tips.

Batter & Cream, a bakery specializing in “artisan whoopie pies”, has opened at the Turnstyle underground mall in the Columbus Circle subway station.

joe and the juice

Joe & the Juice is opening a new location at 247 Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd in the former home of Clarins. Joe & the Juice serves shakes, sandwiches, coffee and more. Thanks to Ilan Hoffman, Swati Jags, Sarah Verena and Diana for the tips.

Banco Popular is opening a new location in the former Radio Shack on the east side of Broadway between 108th and 109th, Jill tells us. “This location is directly adjacent to a Banco Santander that is well-known in the neighborhood for middle-of-the night alarms. The Banco Popular will be the fourth bank on 109th and Broadway and there are rumors that another bank is planning to move in on the west side of Broadway.”

tae kwon do

United Tae Kwon Do Center, offering Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing, is opening at 586 Columbus Avenue (88th) in the former home of Ziva’s Hair Fashions. The chain has several locations in New York and New Jersey. Thanks to Kenneth for the photo.

The Subway sandwich shop at 84th and Columbus has closed. Thanks to Trish Anderton and Sharon for the tips.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Re: Banco Popular opening and “rumors that another bank is planning to move in on the west side of Broadway.”

      Look at the bright side. Maybe this new competition will aliviate the Banco Santander alarm proble.

    2. Sean says:

      More crap we don’t need.

      • dannyboy says:

        be specific, please

        or do you mean we don’t need no stinkin’ bars, restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, sandwiches, coffee, Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing?

      • Vanessa Hidary says:

        really? i actually really do need a cool bar on my corner. excited!

    3. Borisshinsky says:

      I am devastated to learn that that Subway closed. Every time I would walk by, whether at 3am or 3pm, I would be overwhelmed by that delicious Subway bread smell. Somehow it is identical at every Subway globally, from Manhattan to Mogadishu. I was hoping that we would get enough Subways to engulf the entire UWS in that smell. But now we have taken one footlong step back.

      Also, guacamole.

    4. Scott Bernstein says:

      Just noticed last night that the rumored UWS location of Motorino Pizza is definitely next door to the closed Subway restaurant on Columbus. There was a little window open that I could peep into the construction when I was walking by and saw the Motorino brick oven through the window!