La Caridad, the Cuban-Chinese restaurant at 2199 Broadway (78th street) was shuttered by the Department of Health this week after an inspector found live roaches and improper sanitary conditions. The restaurant posted a notice saying it was replacing a water main and would be closed for a couple of days.


The violations are below (critical violations in red):

Violation points: 39
Sanitary Violations
1) Live roaches present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
2) Food contact surface not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred.
3) Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.

Thanks to Sue and T for the tips.

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    1. Erica says:

      I’ve walked in and out of this place a dozen times and always empty handed. Guess my gut knew. Phew

    2. Nowyouknow says:

      Never trust a Chinese restaurant with a Spanish last name.

    3. Woody says:

      It takes a lot of chutzpah to put up that sign with the intent to deceive customers after the Health Department slapped them with a shutdown notice.

    4. Justina says:

      I ate there once. They told me there was no MSG in the food after I asked them if they put MSG in their food. Liars, had a terrible reaction. I ate there 1 time too many.

    5. Amelia says:

      It’s been a West Side family restaurant for a long time: big portions at a great price. Customers are a microcosm of all of us on the UWS. And they serve great Cuban food. Vermin is absolutely inexcusable. But I’m hoping they’ll get their act together.

    6. Vivian says:

      What does that comment mean? Is it a racist one? Have you ever eaten at Flor de Mayo? Chinese/Cuban restaurant with the BEST FOOD EVER!! Has been around for many, many years, and I have had plenty of celebrations there with my family and friends, and even once did the office Christmas party there.

    7. David says:

      The dishonest sign posted fits another aspect of La Caridad, which is attitude. Service at Flor de Mayo is always friendly. I gave up on La Caridad years ago based on the unfriendly waiters. Now there’s an even better reason to avoid the place

    8. Brett Mann says:

      flor de mayo is chinese/peruvian. felipe, the owner, (who’s usually @ the 84th street location not the 101st) is chinese and lived in peru.

    9. Claire says:

      Chinese-Spanish restaurants are an UWS staple. There used to be dozens of them all up and down Broadway. Inexcusable to have vermin in there, but the people complaining about the resrmtaraunts seeming shady wouldn’t have fared too well in this neighborhood before the era of Jesusiuliani.

    10. Christina says:

      I remember when La Caridad first opened years ago. There were lines out the door to get in, great Cuban/Chinese back in the day. Loved the place years ago although haven’t been there in years now. Seems like the quality of the space and food went downhill. Too bad!!

    11. Woody says:

      This comment fails on so many levels. Neither accurate, relevant, or funny. Is “La” a Chinese first name?

    12. Woody says:

      ^^^ Referring to Comment #2: “Never trust a Chinese restaurant with a Spanish last name.”

    13. Nathan says:

      Who doesn’t have roaches?

    14. Upper West Side Wally says:

      Chinese restaurant with a Spanish name? That’s nothing! Yesterday I ate at a Chinese/German restaurant. An hour later I was hungry for power again… .

    15. Ang says:

      I remember of a very humble small cuban chinese restaurant on broadway between 99th and 100th street. It was called “la tazita de oro” omg that food was to die for and my dad used to take us(the family) Almost every sunday! Very friendly owners.. i just wonder where they are now because that food is so memorable to me

    16. Scott says:

      Sadly, it’s anecdotes like that which support the NY Post food editor’s disparaging comments about the restaurants and taste up in these parts.

    17. Ellen says:

      I ate there twice in four years. Once was enough but I thought I’d give them a second chance. Big mistake. It was disgusting.

    18. Sue says:

      Walked by there Friday. Open for business. Busy in fact.!

      “Grade Pending” sign in window

    19. Tostonesfix says:

      Another sad result of rising rents on the UWS. La Caridad used be great. It was so cheap. Now, it’s not so cheap and they had to take half the space to survive. It feels like they are now going through the motions just milking it for what they can. Sad. The place is also suffering from people learning to eat healthier. Not many healthy dishes on the menu. When a place is neither cheap not healthy, it’s hard to justify eating there very often. But hopefully they will survive and get their act together. It’s the kind of place that used to make New York great. Ain’t many left.

    20. Woody says:

      It’s misleading to say that they had to downsize to half the space. Caridad started as a hole-in-the-wall a few doors down. There were no tables and just a handful of chairs at a counter. The place was so tight that two people could barely pass each other along the counter. The place survived on take-out. Then they moved to the corner and had the same amount of space as they do now. They expanded to the space next door but had to return to its original size when they couldn’t fill all the seats regularly.

    21. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “Who doesn’t have roaches?”

      The 1-PERCENT obviously don’t have roaches!

      Yet another example of INEQUALITY!


    22. ScooterStan says:

      Re: upperwestside wally’s wonderful “Yesterday I ate at a Chinese/German restaurant. An hour later I was hungry for power again… .”

      Hysterical !!

      Welcome back to the UWS, Woody Allen !!

    23. Sean says:

      It is a place for guys.

    24. RK says:

      Never trust an ignoramus posting hogwash.

    25. Michael Milken says:

      As long as it’s not the good Caridad on Amsterdam.

    26. Sandy says:

      Flor de Mayo was Chinese Cuban I first ate there in 1968 where it was located in Broadway btw 82nd & 73rd Street. Many years later Filipe worked there as a waiter and eventually purchased restaurant and adding some Peruvian dishes.

    27. Cky says:

      Know the difference between a Peruvian restaurant and Chinese Cuban restaurant, they offer different cuisines