saint john horse
A horse walks through the Cathedral of St. John the Divine during its annual Blessing of the Animals Sunday. Photo by spiritbear.

October 5, 2015 Weather: Partly cloudy, with a high of 65 degrees.

Free jazz and history events
are on our calendar this week, along with dozens of other things to do.

Several important political events are on the calendar too, including a town hall about the Museum of Natural History’s expansion plans, the proposed rezoning of three schools, and Community Board 7’s monthly meeting.

A nonprofit called the Breast Treatment Task Force is raising money this month to help uninsured people get treatment: businesses including, Magnolia Bakery, Joanne Trattoria, Joe and bifitnyc are helping them raise money this month. To sign up for treatment check out this site or contact them at and 866-515-2883.

A truck fell through the sidewalk on West 65th street last week. No one was reported injured.

A man named Mike Felber is a freegan who goes dumpster diving outside supermarkets on the Upper West Side. He has a good job, but he sees stores throwing out gourmet food and he thinks it’s wasteful. “This type of gourmet dumpster diving – call it ‘yuppie freeganism’ if you will – is becoming more popular. The movement has become unhinged from the political, environmental, social reasons, and is more about middle-class Americans saving money. People do it as a form of extreme personal finance, to save a little money in the expensive city of New York so that they can splurge on other things.”

A former SRO on 75th street is on the market for $115 million.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan may move to the Lower East Side.

An envelope with a threatening note from ISIS was found in the Time Warner Center. “I have been sent from a man from IS,” said the note, according to police sources. “This is not a bomb. Take it to police or CNN. I have a book for Barack Obama. I have a five-year-old U.S. citizen in custody. Deliver this ASAP and the child will have his freedom.”

A funny letter to the Daily News: “Manhattan: Going into a Bank of America on the Upper West Side, I saw a sign missing two critically placed T’s: ‘Notice: This facility may be used only to ransac banking business.Does anyone know where this Bank of America is?

An ex-convict named Kirk Walker was arrested in connection with two Upper West Side bank robberies. “Fingerprints were recovered from the demand notes used in three of the [robberies]. In all three instances, the fingerprints positively matched the fingerprints of Kirk Walker.”

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    1. TG says:

      That former SRO for sale on w. 75th is the building that houses Cesca, by the way.

    2. ScooterStan says:

      Re: ““Fingerprints were recovered from the demand notes used in three of the [robberies]….”

      Hopefully the demand note had proper spelling, unlike the hysterical ‘bank robbery’ scene in Woody Allen’s “Take the Money and Run,” where the nebbishy Virgil (Allen) gets into a discussion of whether his demand note says “I have a gun” or “I have a gub” !!

    3. Jeff Berger says:

      How are UWS nannies supposed to get their strollers full of kids to the LES? More space is good, but they are leaving their base of customers behind who are probably not going to take a subway to the LES to go to a children’s museum.

    4. Paul RL says:

      So disturbing about the possible Children’s Museum move! We have a yearly membership and it’s been great for a quick jaunt on a rainy day.

    5. jsc says:

      CMOM should move to a new, cleaner facility. It’s a cesspool of germs with dirty, tired exhibits. Too bad it can’t stay on the UWS but it needs a refresh, badly, and moving is probably the only way to go.

      • UWS-er says:

        Agreed it needs to update its exhibits in a big way, but it would be a huge loss for the UWS.

    6. Mark says:

      I never thought it was appropriate to put children on display at a museum. I’m glad they are leaving.

    7. Michael Milken says:

      Won’t miss the children’s museum. On an average rainy weekend the adult:child ratio there is something like 2:1.

    8. Scott says:

      I bet even Mike Felber won’t touch Gristedes’ deli case throwaways.

    9. Morgan says:

      It would be sad to see CMOM leave the UWS. I have an autistic 5-yr old who attends school close to CMOM and they constantly have field trips there, which he loves! All 4 of my children and I have loved coming here (was just there today in fact!)

    10. We says:

      Would be so glad to see cmom go, especially far enough away that I would never again have to explain to anyone that I won’t go there because my kids got sick EVERY SINGLE TIME we went there. I’m not the only one who says this. It’s filthy. Not visibly filthy but obviously never cleaned.

      • UWS-er says:

        You know when my kids get sick? When they go to school. Or any kind of class with other kids. Or, yes, the children’s museum. You could always keep ’em home 24/7. Or, you know, deal.

    11. Barbara says:

      Hope that the Children’s Museum will stay on upper west side and NOT move to LES.

      Thank you.