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Jacob’s Pickles, the Southern-style restaurant on 84th street and Amsterdam Avenue, plans to open a new restaurant in the former home of Ouest on Broadway between 83rd and 84th street, Eater reported. “The new restaurant will be similar in spirit to Jacob’s Pickles — the team is describing this as a ‘classic American eatery.'”

It’s expected to open in spring 2016.

Jacob’s is applying this month for a liquor license to operate a new restaurant. The LLC applying for the license is called “The Pickle People” but the restaurant’s name is to be determined. The Community Board 7 business committee will review the license at a meeting on Wednesday, October 14 starting at 7 p.m. at 250 West 87th street.


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    1. Nathan says:

      I can’t wait!

    2. Outstanding! If anyone can do it, Jacob can!

    3. Maryjane says:

      I just don’t understand the allure of this place. I’ve been there twice and it was fine, but I don’t understand the crowds of people I see there all the time.

      • Nathan says:

        I and everyone I take there seem to love it. But I wonder why all those people stand outside Good Enough to Eat, which is good enough to eat, but not great. 🙂

        • Young Sally says:

          GETE used to be really good (although I have always avoided weekend brunch)….It is fine in its new space….but I think it lost something when it moved…I no longer make the extra 1 block trip to the new location…no matter how much I miss the Turkey Club sandwich.

          • anon says:

            When was it truly good? I’ve been and not even 4-5 years ago would I have said it was anything approaching great. It does have that touch of Cracker Barrel kitsch though that might appeal to the Cracker Barrel crowd or ironic hipsters I suppose.

            • Young Sally says:

              Probably have to go back 10 years or more. It was always kitschy….but compared to the brunch at Sarabeth’s (where I thought everything tasted pretty industrial brunch standard during the day) I thought GETE did a much better job…well cooked eggs, things well seasoned etc…and I agree with the poster that Sarabeth’s at dinner was a pleasant surprise.

      • whatsupduck says:

        Consider going on an off hour (like 5:00 on a Tuesday). And tell the managers that you’re a local and wanting to try it. It’s become our favorite go-to spot, mostly because we feel it’s a “neighborhood joint.”

    4. ron shapley says:

      Am I missing something here ? They will open a second restaurant on the next block?

      • UWS-er says:

        I’m sure it won’t be Jacob’s Pickles 2. It’s a new restaurant from the same people, that’s all. Makes sense.

    5. lisa says:

      Good Enough To Eat draws a big tourist/visitor crowd for brunch. That is the reason for the weekend brunch lines.

      Same tourist/visitor thing with Sarabeth’s for weekend brunch.
      In contrast, there is no problem getting a table for dinner at Sarabeth’s.

      • B.W. says:

        The problem with Sarabeth’s and the lines, at least as far as the UWS location goes, is horrible service. Also, poorly managed. Good food, but any time I am there, management stands around at the counter, while waitstaff runs around like they have never waited on more than three tables at a time, and tables sit waiting to be cleared, because said management is standing around the front counter talking.

      • anon says:

        Good Enough to Eat and Sarabeth’s are both truly mediocre. The last time I went to Sarabeth’s for brunch our server completely forgot about us (left for a shift break? we’re unsure since we never saw her again after she took our orders) and an hour later we still hadn’t eaten. I think they survive on some old goodwill and tourist crowds. Jacob’s Pickles, on the other hand, while never going to win an award for high end food, is a solid and dependable choice and most out of town visitors I’ve taken there are pleased with the prices/portions (which more closely mimic out-of-NY norms). I probably eat there once a week though usually take-out since waiting in line isn’t really my thing.

        • Dale says:

          Calling Sarabeths or GETE “mediocre” is really giving them too much credit. On the whole, they’re pretty terrible, really — both the food and the service.

          The reality is–whether or not commenters on this site want to accept it–the dining options in the UWS remain very limited and very lousy. Of course, there are some notable exceptions (Lincoln Restaurant and maybe Bar Bouloud), but even the much hyped new arrivals have proven to be a big disappointment (Blue Ribbon, anyone? That place is an embarrassment to the franchise that birthed it). Jacobs Pickles is a joke and, sorry no offense, but so are the people who line up for hours to eat there.

          • anon says:

            I’m curious what you’ve tried at Jacob’s Pickles and that was a joke. I’ve tried about half the items on the menu and found most to be very good (a few weren’t my personal cup of tea but executed well). I usually get the Southern BLT (love the green tomatoes) and have it for two meals or the french toast if we’re there for brunch. I’d say their fried chicken rivals most any other in the city. All that said I don’t order any of the pickles because I’m just not that into pickled veggies – there is too much else I’d rather order.

    6. keith says:

      At the end of the day it is a good thing that the Ouest space will be filled by another eatery that in concept is not a chain, bank, drug store,etc.

      With that said I don’t get the Jacob’s pickle thing either. The foods seem very heavy to me. Even the salad has bacon and buttermilk dressing. It is not a place you feel like going back to regularly because it has healthy options. But alas, there are lines out the door every weekend. I can only wish them the same success at the new location.

      GETE and Sarabeth’s suffer from the same illness as Ouest. Their format is a bit tired and the food needs to be consistently really good to keep the dream alive. If it wasn’t for tourists and guide books I doubt they would still do the business they do.

    7. Gregg says:

      My family loves the breakfast options at Jackson Hole. Food is always fresh, served super hot, and the service is always pleasant and friendly. The pancakes are so tasty that you don’t really need syrup or butter.

      Compared to GETE, where I’ve consistently had mediocre to good food, J-Hole is a much more reliable and easier option.

      • BMAC says:

        I have been a big J-Hole fan for nearly a decade. Great eggs, great service. (Although the burgers are terrible.)

    8. What a bummer…..Jacobs Pickles is one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten at. Fine for beer and loud noise, but the food is awful. Wish something was going into the Ouest space that would be at the same level of quality we so desperately need on the UWS.

    9. stu says:

      Considering the rent on that stretch of Broadway, it will likely be a nicer higher priced version of Jacobs. The allure of Jacobs Pickles is that it it is hipster southern cooking, which has been trendy for a few years (pickles, mason jars, grits etc). And its fairly affordable. Its one of only a few UWS places that could actually be in Brooklyn. So they get a youngish crowd, that draws more young crowds that want a hip(ish) place to go to on the otherwise unhip UWS. But, I agree, it is VERY average. The food is quite heavy and every time I go i vow never to return because I feel sluggish afterwards (friends who want to try it drag us back).

    10. nelson says:

      It would be nice to have something other than the stroller-vaganza B-rated-by-the-Health-Dept 5 Napkin Hamburger. It’s a great space….welcome, Jacob.

    11. S. Louie says:

      Vegan..and healthier for it now and finally losing weight…so no thank you!

    12. Emay says:

      I love how every time there’s a popular restaurant (Jacob’s, etc) a bunch of haters have to chime in and make note of how it is in fact a bad restaurant and all those sheeple waiting in line for it are a bunch of fools. Please get over yourselves.

      Jacob’s is a damn fine establishment, for it’s price point. The neighborhood would do well to have more joints like it and it’s too bad it’s full of a bunch of whiny old curmudgeons who seem to get some perverse sense of enjoyment and superiority out of complaining. Seriously! Someone below said the food was “too heavy” – as if they were forced to finish their dish (never mind the fact that it’s southern food, fer chrissake)! Just get out of the neighborhood already, yeesh.

      • Mark says:

        You sure do complain a lot while complaining about complainers.

      • caitlin says:

        Hi Emay
        “whiny old curmudgeons…Just get out of the neighborhood…”

        Just wondering, what is that about?

        Older people like my grandparents are just supposed to leave the UWS?
        Or just anyone – age irrelevant – who is not a fan of Jacob’s should leave?


        • Mike says:

          You must be a joy at dinner parties.

          Emay is spot on; “Leave A Reply” above should be replaced with “Complaints Here”.

          I don’t understand waiting forever at Jacob’s, but the food is solid and it has led the way for some “cooler” spots to open on the UWS. GETE is better for lunch/dinner than it is for breakfast and there is never a wait. Sarabeth’s is mediocre, but their lobster cobb salad is fantastic.

          • Mark says:

            Here’s a positive note – people who like Jacobs and GETE are welcome in the neighborhood because they occupy seats in crappy restaurants, thereby leaving more availability at places where good food is served.

    13. Paul RL says:

      I thank the Restaurant Gods for keeping this place a restaurant.

    14. Red Raleigh says:

      I’m happy a restaurant is replacing a restaurant but I’m not a fan of the “Pickles” concept and never understood the allure. For those that don’t know, Tom Valenti – chef/owner of Ouest – is back running things at ‘Cesca. Some of the Ouest employees are there and the menu has been updated to reflect Tom’s style. All’s right with the world again.

    15. UWS115 says:

      Good for Jacob. He is a great guy and knows how to run a business!
      GETE Is gross.