Community Board 7 will hold its first full-board meeting in about two months on Tuesday night at 6:30 and will cover a long list of topics, including the redevelopment of the ground floor of a building at 70 West 93rd street, several applications to change landmarked buildings, playground changes, and liquor licenses. You can also come to the meeting and speak on any topic you’d like during the public comment session. Check out the agenda below, or here.

The monthly community board calendar is here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 6:30 PM
American Museum of Natural History
(Enter under the stairs on Central Park West)

Proposed Agenda Subject to Change

Approval of minutes from previous full board meeting

Chair’s Report, Elizabeth Caputo

Nominations of Board Officers for 2015-16

Community Session
We welcome all members of our community (residents, businesses, CBOs) who would like to speak on issues of interest to them.  Members of the community are granted one minute for remarks, and we will also accept a written copy for the record.

Manhattan Borough President’s Report, Diana Howard

Reports by Elected Officials

Reports by Elected Officials’ Representatives (One-minute remarks)

Business Session
Steering Committee
Elizabeth Caputo, Chairperson
Resolution Re:

1.    “Community-driven Design of Inclusive Playgrounds”.

Business & Consumer Issues Committee
Michele Parker and George Zeppenfeldt-Cestero, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re:

2.    Applications to the SLA for two-year liquor licenses.

3.    225 Columbus Avenue (West 70th Street.) FM70 Inc., d/b/a To be Determined.
New Unenclosed Café Applications:
4.    274 Columbus Avenue (West 73rd Street.) New application #7383-2015-ASWC to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Birdbath Ventures, LLC, d/b/a Birdbath Duvet, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 4 tables and 8 seats.
Enclosed Café Renewal Application:
5.    366 Columbus Avenue (West 77th Street.) Renewal application ULURP# N120250ECM/ DCA# 1282506 to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Shake Shack 366 Columbus, LLC, d/b/a Shake Shack, for a four-year consent to operate an enclosed sidewalk café with 12 tables and 34 seats.

Land Use Committee
Richard Asche and Page Cowley, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re:

6.    70 West 93rd Street, Columbus Manor (Columbus Avenue.) The proposed action is a modification of the West Side Large Scale Residential Development pursuant to ZR Section 78-06(b)(3) to permit the construction of approximately 14,730  square feet of retail floor area at the ground floor of the building located at 70 West 93rd Street (between 92nd and 93rd), and the construction of a new rooftop open area at the level of the second story (above the retail area) for use by the building’s tenants.

Preservation Committee
Jay Adolf and Gabrielle Palitz, Co-Chairpersons
Resolutions Re:

7.    Landmarks Celebration. Resolution recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the NYC Landmarks Law and Value of Preservation
8.    305 West 72nd Street (Riverside Drive – West End Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a master plan for replacement windows on the south façade.
9.    470 West End Avenue (82nd – 83rd Street.) Application #17-3153 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to establish a master plan governing the future installation of windows.
10.    645 West End Avenue (West 92nd – 91st Streets.) Application #16-8885 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to replace windows.
11.    309 West 92nd Street, West Side Montessori Nursery School (West End Avenue – Riverside Drive.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a window replacement.
12.    32 West 76th Street (Columbus Avenue – Central Park West.) Application #17-3088 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to alter the rear facade, and excavate the cellar and rear yard.
13.    270 West 77th Street (West End Avenue – Broadway.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a rear yard addition and facade renovations, including window replacement.
14.    328 West 108st Street (Riverside – West End Avenue.) Application #17-4022 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to construct rooftop and rear yard additions.
15.    320 West 101st Street (Riverside – West End Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for front facade restoration work, window replacement, new 4-story rear yard addition and cellar expansion, and new stair bulkhead.
16.    324-326 West 108th Street (Riverside Drive – West End Avenue.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a front facade restoration, window replacement, rear yard alteration and 6th floor addition.

Parks & Environment Committee
Klari Neuwelt, Chairperson
Resolution Re:

17.    Central Park. Reconstruction of West 84th Street/Mariners’ Playground.

Transportation Committee
Andrew Albert and Dan Zweig, Co-Chairpersons
Resolution Re:

18.    Newsstand. N/W/C Columbus Avenue & West 92nd Street (IFO, 100 West 93rd Street.) New application #8504-2015-ANWS to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Mohammed F. Uddin to construct and operate a newsstand on the northwest corner of Columbus Avenue and West 92nd Street, in front of 100 West 93rd Street.

Steering Committee
Elizabeth Caputo, Chairperson
Resolutions Re:

19.    Requests for leaves of absence:
A.    Lillian Moore for three months beginning in June 2015.
B.    Marc Glazer for three months beginning in June 2015.

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    1. lmr says:

      I see that they will be discussing reconstructing Mariner’s Playground. I wonder if/why not they are going to ever deal with Spector/West 85th Street playground. A few years ago large pieces of equipment in that playground were removed, but not replaced with anything. That playground has a great deal of space but is woefully underutilized due to lack of equipment. It desperately needs upgradfing.

    2. Christine E says:

      Did anyone else notice point 19 – no need for approval, it has already happened!

    3. john says:

      Any followup on the waitlisted kids at 199. school is here. how did they resolve the issue?

      • Joseph Bolanos says:

        The wait list issue was addressed by, both, Council member Helen Rosenthal and Assembly member Linda Rosenthal. Helen R. explained the frustration with DOE over the waitlisted crisis. I believe that she mentioned a letter available on her website that she sent to DOE.

        AM linda Rosenthal stated that “the city and DOE have never adequately planned for the number of students that will need to go to school here”…it is the DOE’s responsibility to make sure that those kids have seats,
        She went further in stating that the DOE was aware of this problem last year and they know that it would happen again but did nothing”.she also mentioned that 191 was put on “persistently dangerous” list. She and others that have worked with 191 didn’t feel that 191 merited being on that list.
        191 has a new principal that is making great strides in that school. 191 needs to get more rescues that they deserve. She is working with State Ed and DOE to correct the 191 misconception.
        That’s all the notes that i have.
        Hope this helps.

    4. Joseph Bolanos says:

      Tonight’s CB7 general meeting was nothing short of disappointing. I don’t mind losing a good fight on an even playing field, but when a Board “bundles” items to vote on, after spending over an hour on one item (70W93 project) then there’s something wrong. Especially when Community is given only ONE minute to submit remarks on an issue.
      I respect many members of CB7. They are knowledgable and caring volunteers who devote time and energy for the common good. But when their decisions defy common sense and get voted a s matter of convenience, something is clearly wrong with the process. Even the LPC (Landmarks Preservation Commission), that’s a tangled city mess, gives community TWO Minutes for remarks!
      Plus, in matters regarding preservation, CB7 gets nullified and overruled when LPC calendars a hearing after the CB7 cmte resolution but BEFORE the CB7 general meeting vote! LPC, in its arrogant mindset, is thereby usurping the CB7 general meeting vote and the SECOND chance for community to make remarks.
      This process is broken. And the only way that it can be fixed is by mandating procedural reform of the LPC as it pertains to honoring the CB7 calendar.
      Now you know.